POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM There was no Police attendance. Two representatives of the VHC and two from the Snooker Club attended to discuss item 19 M/A.


PRESENT  Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Pentith, Ogden..


APOLOGIES  Cllrs Gibbs and Warren.                       


DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS.Cllr Anning declared a personal interest in M/A 19.





1. Future of Village Shop and Possible Newspaper Franchise for Village  There was nothing further to report.

2. Maintenance of Footpaths and Verges The meeting planned for September 18th has been postponed and footpaths  will be discussed at the next meeting of the Harewood and Wetherby P & T Forum .GGS are to be reminded to cut low level growth on Memorial Trees and grass in car park. They are also to be asked, as an extra, to cut back the verges on Crabtree Lane.  

3. Possible Resignation of Cllr Gibbs.  It has been confirmed that Cllr Gibbs is eligible to remain on the PC until the time of the next election in May 2015. He has agreed to make every effort to continue until then. Two villagers have expressed interest in filling the vacancy , advertised in the Newsletter , and the Clerk has advised them of the likely postponement  of Cllr Gibbs’ retirement.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden  Mr Hyland has been asked to replace these and the broken  and vandalised  pieces of chain at the War Memorial.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan. There is to be a meeting during September.

6. World War 2 War Memorial Plaques. The Clerk has sent for these.

7. History of Sports Association.  Cllr Priestley reported slight progress in that Mr Cooke is now in touch with his solicitors about the original agreement.

8. Bridge over Wharfe. Ian Burgess is now suggesting a completion date of December 2014. The Clerk was asked to check whether this means the completion of work on the bridge or simply completion of tendering for the work.   

9. Village Assets.(Pure Indulgence) The first application submitted has been returned with a request for further information and a site map. Cllr Gibbs has obtained a suitable map.

10. Defibrillator – Meeting on September 26th. This is to form part of the Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning already planned to take place at the Methodist Hall. Dave Jones will give his talk on the defibrillator at 10.30.

11. State of roads in Village  Cllr Castle wrote to Highways on our behalf informing them of the dip in Whitegate, possibly in danger of becoming a sink hole. She first received a reply indicating the village’s low priority, but following a further letter, we were informed that an inspection had taken place and agreement reached that action was required. This cannot, however, be taken for a few weeks as the Authority has first to deal with a road in a far worse condition in another part of the city.

The Chairman has received a complaint from a Whitegate resident that he is frequently unable to access his drive due to the number of parked cars on the road. Cllrs suggested that a white line on the road might help, and it was agreed to consult the Police on this at the next meeting.  

12. Condition of Village Seats. Cllr Warren has inspected the seats  but has not yet been able to discuss his findings with Cllrs.

13. Responsibility for maintenance of Limestone Path through Marsh. The Clerk had checked previous minutes and the Agreement with EKWT and agreed with David Smith that responsibility for maintenance of this path lies with the PC. Cllr Priestley considered that, in spite of the Agreement, maintenance of this path should logically be the responsibility of EKWT, and he offered to speak to David Smith about it.

14. Annual Report. Cllr Batty brought a draft to the meeting for final agreement and said that it would be ready by next week.

15.Village Clock. This is showing correct time at present but there has been no further response from Stephen Williams. The Clerk offered to ring again.

16. Litter Bins.  There has been no recent trouble.

17. Condition of Playground. Mark Hullah has put some bark down but weeds are still showing through and more is required.

18. Title Deeds. Cllr Priestley has checked these.

19. Future of Snooker Club and Financial State of Village Hall.  Cllr Batty took over the Chair for this item. Both sides explained their positions ,and Peter Guildford, VH Chairman, made it clear that he was not prepared to negotiate further. The Snooker Club , with its small membership and low fees, is unable to meet the costs of maintaining the premises for the future, at rates acceptable to the VHC. The VHC wishes to put its finances on a firm footing and reduce the amount of fund raising required to meet its costs. They are confident that they can lease the snooker room commercially to achieve this reduction.  New volunteers with new fund raising ideas for raising money for the Hall are urgently needed, as the burden is falling too heavily on existing and ageing members.

Cllrs later discussed the issue. It was agreed that they could not interfere with the decisions of other clubs, but it was also agreed to send a letter asking whether the termination of the lease could be postponed until next summer when the snooker league season is over.

After some research by Cllr Batty on the VH finances, it was also agreed to send a further e mail to the VHC asking whether the accounts did not in fact show a break even situation when stripping out fundraising income and expenditure from the 2012/3 and 2011/2 accounts. If this was correct did it alter the position towards the snooker club?

20. Elm Trees in Carr Green and Oak Tree at rear of Peter Slater’s Garden. David Smith of EKWT now says that their contractor cannot deal with the elms. Cllrs agreed to ask Andy Lloyd to do the work. Mr Lapish is to be consulted about work on the oak tree.                                                                                                                   




1.New applications:-

(a) 14/ 03811 – 4 The Grove – Exts. The Clerk had learnt that new plans have not yet been presented to LCC.

(b) 14/ 04656 – 4 Brooklands – Ext.

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.  



(a) No. 14/04065 -15 The Grove – Ext.


3. Work being undertaken on Reighton House, Moor Lane An e mail has been reached from Carlton McKenzie, Compliance, reporting that he has visited the property and is concerned about the demolition work carried out to date, but at present there is no breach of planning as no work has commenced and only part demolition. He will check on the terms of the permissive approval and has written to the new owners expressing his doubts about whether the work planned is covered by this approval. The Clerk has received a long telephone call from Cllr Rachael Procter who is not satisfied with the response from Compliance and is seeking legal advice on exactly what is covered by “permissive development” when an original stone roof has been removed and the stone has disappeared. She also wants clarification on what constitutes” partial demolition “.She has spoken to Helen Farrar, Head of Compliance ,and to Martin Sellans, Head of Planning. The latter is believed to be visiting the site today.  



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total                        

(a) Mr R. Hall – Fitting of Defibrillator.                         292.75                                 292.75 

(b) Design Services – Site Plan                                    11.99                                   11.99              It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.  



1. Remembrance Sunday. The Chairman asked for arrangements to be put in hand for the annual service at the War Memorial- notice in the Newsletter, invitation to Rev. Sedgwick to officiate and to Amy Walters to accompany, and reminder to the British Legion.

2. Village Telephone Box.  It was agreed to ask BT if this could be repainted and thoroughly cleaned.

3. Odd Job Man. Melanie Smith had told the Chairman that she might be able to put her in touch with someone suitable ,but wished to know what work the PC had in mind. It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.

4. Grit Bins. It was agreed to check whether any more grit was required.

5. Planning Training Days:-

    Wednesday October 29 – 10-12am.

    Monday November 10 – 2-4 pm

Cllrs Anning and Pentith , and possibly Cllr Ogden, are willing to attend.

6. Hopewell Cottage The owner of one of the adjacent properties had telephoned the Clerk and then e mailed her about his concerns over the changes planned by the new owner who plans to erect fencing all round the property and construct a drive. This will not be in keeping with the neighbouring properties and will detract from their views and from the general ambience of this ancient part of the village, considered worthy of note in the Village Design Guide. The Council considered there was nothing they could do, other than to suggest contacting a Planner. Cllr Ogden offered to visit the complainant.

7. Footpath from Moor Lane to St Mary’s Garth and No Dogs sign. A resident had noted this sign on a gate at the Moor Lane end and queried its compatibility with a public footpath. Cllr Ogden said that the notice was on the gate leading into the field and did not apply to people walking dogs on lead along the footpath. Some dog owners have allowed dogs freedom to roam in the field and the farmer had put up the sign as dog faeces are deadly to sheep. Cllrs agreed with this but commented that if the footpath were kept more clearly defined it would help to distinguish it from the rest of the field.

8. Suggestion for CTCV Cameras in Village – A resident had suggested to the Chairman that thieves might be more likely to be deterred if there was greater chance of detection. It was agreed that this could be discussed with the Police at the next meeting.


Signed:                                                                           Date:


EKPC September 14 Mins.


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