POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM There was no Police representation.

Two residents attended to discuss the absence of a public footpath between East Keswick and Collingham. One of them had recently attempted to walk along Harewood Road from one village to the next, and had found it a terrifying experience, due to the close  proximity  of the fast moving traffic. The path across the fields, which could shorten the route, is also hazardous for anyone with a disability or push chair, due to the stiles. The view was expressed that LCC should be encouraged to spend monies allocated to the provision of new cycle ways on a combined cycle/ pedestrian path between the villages.

Cllr Castle agreed to look into this.


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Gibbs, Ogden and Priestley. Cllr Ann Castle also attended at the invitation of the Council.


APOLOGIES  Cllr Warren.                      



Cllr Anning declared an interest in Correspondence 5.

Cllr Priestley also declared an interest in Correspondence 5.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JULY 15TH  These were approved.



1. Future of Village Shop and Possible Newspaper Franchise for Village It is now understood that plans have changed and it is likely to become a hairdressing salon.

There have been no further developments concerning newspaper provision in the village, other than contact details having been supplied. .

2. Maintenance of Footpaths by LCC  Cllr Castle said that as there are a number of councils expressing concern over footpath maintenance, she is arranging a joint meeting with a Footpath Officer to be held in one of the villages in the area on September 18th.

3. Grass Cutting  The Chairman reported on the unsatisfactory way in which the verge had been cut recently on Whitegate. Grass cutting will also be discussed at the September 18 joint meeting.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden  Cllr Ogden had failed to locate another supplier.

It was resolved to accept the quotation from Mr Hyland for replacement chains at a cost of £589 + VAT. He is also to be asked to renew one broken and another vandalised chain at the War Memorial.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Work will resume in September.

6. Playground Applications. The Fundraising Group have been offered a £5,000 grant from the Well Being Fund, but as  this would not be sufficient to complete the work planned,  Green Leeds are still unwilling to offer any grant at present.  Mondegren requested a site meeting with the Group, but advised that the application will not be considered until October.

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley has been advised that David Cooke sold the land originally to the Sports Club and has therefore written inquiring about details of the conveyance ,and offering on behalf of the PC to pay for any documentation . He is still trying to locate the firm of solicitors who dealt with the conveyance.

8. Bridge over Wharfe Ian Burgess has advised that work should be completed by November ,weather permitting, although contractors have not yet been appointed. The Clerk was asked to inquire about any further progress to date.

9. Village Assets. Stacey Walton, who makes the initial recommendation for approval of applications ,has advised that the latest application for inclusion of Pure Indulgence lacks sufficient detail, in particular exact location and sound reason for its being considered a village asset. Cllr Gibbs offered to supply a suitable map.

10. Defibrillator – Several members of the Council met Dave Jones from the Ambulance Service at the site of the defibrillator and were advised of the correct procedure for using it. He suggested that a coffee morning for interested villagers to learn how to operate it would be a good idea. Council agreed that this could be combined (subject to their agreement) with a Macmillan Coffee morning planned for Friday 26th September .Cllr Pentith will follow this up.   

11. State of roads in Village – Re- surfacing work on Moor Lane.  The Council had been advised that the section of Moor Lane from Harewood Road end to The Pines would be closed for 2 short periods at the end of August.  Some of the work  has now been carried out.  The Clerk received a telephone call from an elderly villager who considers the village has never looked so untidy. He complained about debris on the roads leading to blocked drains, potholes, and gravel on footpaths. There is a perception that East Keswick is less well served by the LCC road sweeper than neighbouring villages.

Cllr Warren has also expressed concern about the state of Whitegate. He maintains that there is an increasing undularity in the road surface outside Greystones/ Whitegate House which may indicate an evolving sink hole. A pothole outside Greystones recently filled in was recently washed away by heavy rain. The house owner put a cane down and reported that the hole went 4 foot deep under the ground. 

Cllr Castle agreed to discuss these matters with Cllr Robinson.

12. Condition of Village Seats. Cllr Warren will report back in September.

13. Scaffolding and Tarpaulin in Village  Carlton McKenzie, Compliance Officer, advised that there is no action which can be taken over the scaffolding.                                               Tarpaulin should be in place for 28 days maximum and he is willing to pursue the issue if formally requested to do so. The Clerk delivered a further reminder to the resident , who later telephoned to explain that he was doing the re building work gradually at weekends as he has a full time business to run in the week. He hopes to complete by winter. He had had to put up tarpaulin as water was coming into his living quarters. The Clerk could see evidence of work in progress when she delivered the letter.

Cllr Castle agreed to check on the position regarding the scaffolding . Council agreed to allow the builder with the tarpaulin over the side of his property longer time to complete the repairs.

14. Light Pollution. This has been referred to Bev. Kirk who advised that there are powers under the Environment Protection Act 1990 to prohibit this if it causes a nuisance to a neighbouring property and is witnessed by Bev herself from the property. Enforcement under the Light Pollution Act would be a civil matter. The complainant intends to go back to Bev Kirk when the nights become darker. Cllrs discussed lighting at night in the village. They have noticed a growing trend ,especially amongst  newcomers, to have lights on all night, in spite of this being one of the dark villages.

15. Duke of Wellington Signs on Crabtree Lane. The only remaining sign is on  Crabtree Lane at the car park. Council agreed to allow this to remain in place, but to ask for it to be moved slightly so as to be on PC rather than Highway land. Cllr Ogden will inform the Manager of the Duke.

16. Possible resignation of Cllr Gibbs.  Cllr Gibbs is willing to remain on the Council until May, if this is permitted. The Clerk is checking this with YLCA.

17. Limestone Path in Marsh.  The Wildlife Trust regards upkeep of this path as Council responsibility. Cllr Gibbs has examined it and done a minor repair. The limestone at the edges is cracking and may require remedial action in the Spring,  but he considers there is no need for immediate  action. The WT are to be asked to clear the nettles to the side of the path. Cllr Priestley queried whether responsibility for maintenance of the path lies with the WT or the PC.

18. Elm Trees in Marsh. Mr Lapish told the Clerk that the trees could be reduced in height if the Wildlife Trust agreed . Council agreed that the trees are over dominant and should be reduced in height. Cllr Pentith asked that a willow tree to the rear of her property be reduced at the same time. Council agreed.

19, Annual Report  Cllr Batty circulated the draft document which looked very professional as usual. Cllrs will check for minor errors.

20 Village Clock  The Clerk had inquired about the long delay and had been informed that it was proving a difficult problem. The mechanism appears to be able to deal with power cuts but not with fluctuations in current. The firm is looking into finding a long term solution which may mean installing a different mechanism. They hope to let us know their conclusion on Friday 29th.    

21. Litter Bins  Cllr Pentith informed Cllr Castle of the problems the Council has experienced with the alternate  refuse crews and their different attitude to emptying bins not listed on their schedule. The bin at the Marsh in particular suffers from overflowing on the alternate weeks it fails to get emptied.  She also mentioned the need for replacement bins, especially the one at the bus stop. Cllr Castle will look into this also.                                                                                                         



1.New applications:-

(a) 14/ 03811 – 4 The Grove – Exts.

(b) 14/ 04065 – 15 The Grove – Ext.

(c) 14/04526 – 4 Rose Croft – Retro App for new pitched roof to dormer window.

It was resolved to make no objection to (b) and (c).

It is understood that a revised and modified application has been submitted, but not yet seen by the PC, for (a) as according to Planning , the original application  would have been rejected by them.



(a) No. 14/02972 – Four Dwellings on Land between 11 and 37 Church Drive.

(b) No 14/ 03816 – Clitheroe Cottage, Main street – ext.



(a)  14/ 03299 – Ivy Grange Barn – Exts.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) EKVH – Rent                                                           65.00                                   65.00

(b) CPRE – Subs (DD)                                                  36.00                                  36.00


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.



1. Annual Playground Inspection. .The Clerk has placed the order for this work with Wicksteed once again. Mark Hullah is to be reminded about the need for more bark as the playground is looking very untidy at present.

2. Newcomers’ Lunch  The Clerk has received an email from a Cllr in Hampshire , whose daughter lives in Allerton Drive and had attended the last Newcomers’ Lunch. She asked for details of how East Keswick organises the event as she would like to arrange one for her council. She was also complimentary about reports on the work of our council which she reads regularly. The Clerk has replied telling her of East Keswick’s experience and has received a further friendly response.

3. Parish & Town Councils Seminar – This will be held on September 17th in the early evening. The booking form, including details of seminars, has been sent to all Councils.

4. Title Deeds The Clerk reported that she had lodged the remaining title deeds with Hartlaw and has received from them copies of all title deeds relating to land in East Keswick held by them. The copies  will be stored in the filing cabinet in the Village Hall and she will also keep a list of the documents in her own filing cabinet. Cllr Priestley agreed to check the documents.

5. Future of Village Hall Snooker Club Cllr Warren e mailed fellow Cllrs prior to the meeting advising that this matter had been brought to his attention by a village resident. He asked Cllrs to consider the rental costs for the Snooker Club and recent proposed rental, bearing in mind the primary purpose of the Hall for the provision of sociable and charitable facilities for EK residents. The Chairman e mailed details of the history of relations between the 2 clubs, explained from the perspective of the VHC. Due to financial difficulties over the years; a limited number of members, mainly non villagers ;and the knowledge that the Club could afford only one further year’s payments, the decision was taken by the VHC not to renew the licence. Cllrs discussed the matter and in general felt sympathetic towards the Snooker Club who had contributed, it is believed, £25,000 towards the re-building of the Village Hall, and are felt to being asked to pay a high rental for their premises. Cllrs also considered that the VHC is becoming too much of a Business. It is often impossible to hold small scale social events there at weekends when it is taken over by weddings.  It was agreed to ask the Chairman and Treasurer of the VHC to attend the next meeting to explain how the Hall came to make a trading loss in 2013, despite the large number of weddings held there.




1. Crabtree Lane Car Park  This looks a mess at present due to the decision to allow the EKWT to have a section where the grass is left uncut. There is nothing which can be done.

2.Manhole Cover outside The Star. The Clerk was asked to report to Highways that this needs renewing.

3. Defibrillator – The Chairman pointed out that this needs checking every week. Cllrs agreed to follow the example of Bardsey. The person holding the playground inspection book should also check the defibrillator. The book should be passed round monthly ,as happens in Bardsey.

4. Names and Dates of Deaths of Villagers who fought in Second World War The Chairman said that with the help of Peter Renfree she has now obtained these details. It was agreed that she should purchase another 5 plaques.




EKPC Aug. 14 Mins.












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