POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM  The Police reported 3 crimes during the last month – all of criminal damage. One of these was damage to the wrought iron chain link fence from the lead fixings to the stone posts at the War Memorial, causing damage to the post fixings and the chain.   


PRESENT  Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Gibbs , Ogden and Warren.


APOLOGIES Cllr Priestley.                    



Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1(e).


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JUNE 17TH 2014 These were approved.



1. Future of Village Shop and Possible Newspaper Franchise for Village   The Chairman had been informed that Hazel Webb intended to turn part of the shop area into further residential accommodation and part into a Hairdresser’s for her partner. Cllr Batty queried whether this would be consistent with the new ACV status and had written to the Locality Rights Advice Service for confirmation. In reply he was told that if the owner has no intention of selling , the Community Right to Bid is irrelevant, but the owner would need planning permission for change of use.

After some discussion, it was agreed to write to LCC to check on this, and then to inform Hazel Webb. If Cllrs are aware of other residents running a business from home they should make them aware of the regulations. .  

Cllr Priestley had reported that his son-in-law is willing to supply papers to David Chapman at the Old Star on a trial basis for 6 months. He will not require a bond and supply on a sale or return basis only, with minimum sales. This would have to be discussed with David. The PC has also received an e mail from Tracey Wheelhouse of Bank Top Stores asking for local support and urging EK residents to obtain their newspapers from her store and perhaps organise a delivery service. It will be necessary to gauge the amount of current demand for a special newspaper facility in East Keswick as many people will have made alternate arrangements and may not wish to change again. Council agreed to the trial period if the 2 people concerned came to a satisfactory arrangement.

2.Possibility of additional names on War Memorial There was nothing to report.

3.Grass Cutting – End of Crabtree Lane Verges  As there is increasing concern about the interpretation by Continental Landscapes of their grass cutting contract, it was agreed to ask Cllr Ann Castle if she was willing to attend the next PC meeting to discuss matters.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden –  Mr Hyland has quoted  £589 + VAT(some of the new chain would be surplus to requirements and available for  future use) .Cllr Ogden is to try to obtain an alternative quotation.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan. The Group will re-convene in August.

6. Playground Applications. Sue Lumby had asked whether there had been any news of any large grants the Group has now obtained ,as this would be necessary if Green Leeds were to fund a smaller grant at their next Board Meeting. Corinne Dicker had informed her that they are still awaiting a response to their current applications and unfortunately cannot be considered for a Green Leeds grant on this occasion .

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley is continuing to pursue this. He has not heard from Richard Clarke in response to a letter he sent him. He has had problems searching Land Registry and has not yet spoken to David Cooke .

8. Bridge over Wharfe.  The Council has been informed that NYCC has agreed to fund the repairs which should commence shortly. It was agreed to ask whether a date has been set for work to commence.   

9. Village Assets.- Hairdresser’s. Cllr Batty has written asking for this to be listed as an ACV.

10. Defibrillator  John Linley, owner of Pure Indulgence, is agreeable to having  the defibrillator installed outside the premises. The Chairman has now gained possession of the defibrillator. It was agreed that Richard Hall, Electrician, is to be asked to install it.

11. State of roads in Village Highways are to be reminded of the state of Lumby and Cleavesty Lanes.  

12. Trees in Carr Green affecting garden of Colin Asher. Mr Lapish is to be reminded about whether these Elm saplings can be reduced in height.

13. Annual Report. Cllr Batty has prepared the draft and circulated it for comments.

14. Public Litter bins. These continue to be emptied only fortnightly, despite explaining the problem to John Woolmer. A reminder is to be sent about the importance of emptying the Marsh bin which is particularly well used.

15. Hedge at corner of Lumby Lane.  A letter has been sent to Elm Bank.

16.Parish Walks and  State of Footpaths Cllr Priestley  has reported on the 2 walks he led. The first had taken place on 23rd June, when there were 9 attendees and 2 dogs. On the longer walk on 7th July there had been 12 people. He and Cllr Pentith reported the following footpath problems:-

·       The stiles across the old cricket ground , particularly the bottom double stile , need attention.

·       The ginnel path from Main Street to Church Drive has had some work done on the bordering hedges but much more severe pruning is required.

·       The path from St Mary’s Garth to Moor Lane is badly overgrown.

·       On the footpath across the Marsh there is some loose hard core ¾ of the way along from the Main Street end.

·       The footpath from Moor Lane to The Grove is overgrown.


Those responsible in each case are to receive letters requesting action.




1.New applications:-

(a) 14/03299 – Ivy Grange Barn – Ext.

It was agreed to object to this.


(b) 14/ 03663 – Hearfield Farm, Crabtree Lane – Stable Building to service existing equestrian facilities.

It was agreed to object to this.


2. Referral to Mr McKenzie(Compliance) of apparent removal of wall in conservation area at Elm Bank, Whitegate and his reply. Cllr Warren had first brought this to the attention of the Compliance Dept, and the Chairman had written following it up later. The reply from Mr McKenzie was that some trees were being removed, with permission, and there had been no wall before the start of operations .Thus there had been no breach of planning regulations. Council were not happy with this reply as they are convinced that a wall did exist, and it would appear that a pathway is to be created at a very dangerous junction. It was therefore agreed to ask Compliance for a review.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary and Expenses                           650.75                                650.75

(b) PAYE                                                                      156.60                                 156.60

(c)EKWT – Annual Grant                                              400.00                                400.00

(d) Mr W. Hobson – Painting old Picnic Bench. .            38.00                                  38.00

(e) CMS – Re-designing new Web Site                        800.00             160.00         960.00

(f) GGS Groundcare – Garden Maintenance                725.00                                 725.00


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.



1. Footpath Maintenance  An e mail has been received from Clifford PC referring to a letter received from LCC announcing that it was cutting its expenditure on footpath maintenance  by reducing the number of cuts to one per year instead of 3. It is understood that they are gambling on not being taken to court for failure to carry out their responsibility to maintain the surface of the footpaths. Clifford are asking what approach other PCs are taking to this new decision. It was agreed to seek Ann Castle’s help on this if she is able to come to the August meeting.

2. E mail  re State of Verges in East Keswick. A resident of South Mount complained about the danger to dog walkers from the uncut verges on Lumby and Cleavesty Lanes. This is also part of the discussion the PC hopes to have with Cllr Castle.




1. Seats in Village Cllr Warren agreed to undertake the annual seat checking. It was noted that the bench on Church Drive is falling apart.

2. Cllr Gibbs announced that he will have to resign as a Cllr from the end of August as he is moving house and will be living beyond the 3 mile permitted area.

3. Scaffolding and Tarpaulin – Both residents have been notified about removing the items but neither has taken any action. It was agreed to ask Mr McKenzie how long such temporary measures should be allowed to continue.

4. Light Pollution  A resident of St Mary’s Garth has complained about all night lighting from another property shining into his bedroom window. As the Council is aware that under the 2004 Act light pollution is illegal, it was agreed to ask Bev Kirk whether any action could be taken.

5. Signs on Crabtree Lane advertising the Duke of Wellington Cllr Ogden offered to advise the landlord that these are not legal.







EKPC July 14 Mins.












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