3 residents  attended to discuss Planning 1 – Development for 4 houses between 11 and 37 Church Drive. They are all opposed to the application and sought the Council’s views. (see below).


PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Priestley, Ogden and Gibbs.


APOLOGIES  Cllrs Anning and Warren.


In the absence of Cllr Anning, the Chair was taken by Cllr Batty, Vice-Chairman.                      



Cllr Priestley declared a personal and prejudicial interest in Planning 1.

Cllr Pentith declared a personal interest in M/A 6.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON MAY 20TH These were approved with one amendment.



1. Future of Village Shop.  This has now been approved as a Village Asset. The shop has finally closed. Hazel Webb is planning to erect a wall separating the section of ground floor she wishes to keep for domestic purposes from the remainder. The latter section could be let for retail. Cllr Priestley has made inquiries through his son in law about the feasibility of a retail outlet for newspaper sales in the village. Menzies are likely to require a bond of £1k to agree to supplying papers to a village outlet and will probably require minimum sales of 1000. David Chapman has informed Cllr Batty that he is prepared to sell papers but could not provide the bond. Cllr Priestley will look into the matter further.

2.Possibility of additional names on War Memorial There is nothing to report.

3. Gate to Marsh. The EKWT have put new springs on the gate.

4. Chains on Old Memorial Garden  Quotations for replacements are still awaited from Minster Metalwork from whom we bought the previous chains, and from Mr Hyland who has promised to quote for replacement metal and/or plastic chains. The Clerk is to remind him. Cllrs are definitely in favour of new steel ones ,as plastic will break easily.   

5. Neighbourhood Plan- Response to Linton Draft NP . East Keswick PC is one of the Statutory Consultees on Linton’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan. East Keswick SC is awaiting the outcome of Linton’s application before attempting to draft one themselves.

6. Playground Applications. New applications have been sent in the name of the Council to the Leeds Well Being Fund and to Mondegren EB. No opposition has been expressed by Moor Lane residents to the permission granted the Group by the Parish Council to commence boundary changes affecting Carr Green.

7. History of Sports Association. Cllr Priestley is endeavouring to learn who dealt with the original application. He has made contact with Richard Clark who believes himself to be one of the Trustees.  Rules for the Club have suddenly been found. These confirm that in the event of the demise of the club the land is to pass to the Parish Council. It is likely that Teeman Levine drew up the terms of the lease but not known by whom this firm was taken over. Cllr Ogden has advised that the land was bought from Mr Cooke. Cllr Priestley will make checks with Land Registry.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.  A more encouraging e mail has been received from Ian Burgessstating that a funding proposal has been submitted to the Executive for a decision on the present day – June 17. If accepted, the work will be carried out this financial year. Cllr Batty has drafted a strong letter to the Director urging him to release the necessary funds to get the bridge repaired this year.

9. Village Assets. All 4 new applications submitted by Cllr Batty have been approved – the Duke of Wellington, the Star, the Sportsfield, and the Green Space on Church Drive. It was agreed that Cllr Batty will prepare a further application for the Hairdresser’s shop which is understood to be in difficulties.

10. Defibrillator  This has been temporarily been taken back until the PC decides on the most suitable location. It is thought that the owner of Pure Indulgence is opposed to its being housed there.  After much discussion it was decided that the wall outside the butcher’s was the best location. Other possibilities are the wall outside the Chapel and the wall on the corner of Moor Lane and Main Street. The Clerk is to find out whether Mr Setchfield is willing for it to be housed at the butcher’s. Richard Hall, electrician from Bardsey, will then have to be contacted.

11. State of roads in Village Steve Parry has apologised for the failure to deal with the pothole on School Lane  and has finally had it filled in. Considerable repair  work has also taken place on Moor Lane.  The Clerk has learnt, however,that Steve Parry  is now on long term sick leave . A reminder is to be sent about the potholes mentioned in the last e mail – particularly on Lumby Lane

12. Bird Bath at Carr Green. The Playground Group will incorporate this in their final scheme.  

13. Responsibilities of individual Cllrs - The following were agreed:-

·       Planning- Cllrs Gibbs, Priestley, Ogden and (Anning).

·       Finance- Cllrs Priestley, Anning and Pentith.

·       Newsletter.- Cllr Priestley.

·       Forum Reps.- Cllr Anning and (Pentith when available).

·       Village Hall Rep.- Cllr Ogden.

·       Neighbourhood Plan Reps. – Cllrs Batty and Warren.

·       Footpaths- Cllrs Gibbs and Pentith.

·       Website – Cllr Batty.



1.New Applications:-  14/02972 – Land between 11&37 Church Drive – 4 Dwellings (2 pairs of semi- detached).Cllr Gibbs is in process of drawing up objections to this. He understands that the Planning Officer is not in favour of the scheme about which she has not been consulted by the Developer. She is relying on the Parish Council to provide local information to assist her in refusing the application. All Cllrs present were opposed to the application ,particularly on the grounds of traffic problems  and over development  of a small site. It was also noted that its proposed size does not conform to the Outline Approval .The Ward Cllrs are to be advised of the Council’s opposition.



(a) No. 13/05719 – 22 Church Drive – Ext.  



1.Bills for payment:-                                                         £ Net       VAT      Total

(a) Cllr G. Anning – Newcomers’ Lunch etc Expenses      7.45                     7.45                        

(b) Mr M. Rhodes – Tree Work                                       250.00       50      300.00

(c) EKVH – Rent                                                                65.00                  65.00

(d) D. Smith – Reimbursement – Gate Spring                 16.56        3.31     19.87.

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.

2. End of Year Finances. The Clerk explained that the Internal Auditor, Graham Plant, had approved the accounts and authorised the Chairman before she went on holiday to sign them as a correct record. She had also signed the Governance section on behalf of the Council agreeing on their behalf to having carried out all the financial procedures listed. It had been necessary to do this before the present  meeting as the External Auditor required  the annual accounts by June 9th. The Clerk circulated a copy of the completed statements amongst those present.  The Clerk had discussed with Mr Plant the possibility of no longer having External Auditors but he is in favour of retaining the system, which provides additional safeguards.         



1. Elm(?) Trees at bottom of Colin Asher’s Garden. The Chairman had agreed that work on reducing the height of these trees was necessary. She had suggested that Dalby Landscapes should do the work at the same time as they were carrying out landscaping work for the Playground Group. The Clerk is to seek the views of Richard Lapish.

2. Annual Report. It was agreed to produce another report and subjects for inclusion were discussed.  

3. E mail from EKWT – The burning of stacked wood for charcoal has started.

Unfortunately the Police have had to be alerted as trouble from teenagers on finishing their exams has occurred  as happened  last year. Some sixth formers left revision papers and a general mess. Everyone is asked to be vigilant.

4. Overgrown Hedges. The Chairman had asked that a request be made in the Newsletter for people to cut back any hedges overgrowing footpaths.

5. State of Playground – Cllr Pentith reported that this looks run down. It was agreed to ask Mark Hullah to supply more bark chippings as he has done in the past.

6. Broadband – Cllr Batty has learnt that the first stages of bringing improved service to the village are taking place. The cable is being installed. The southern part of the village is likely to benefit from installation of the fibre optic cable being installed on the A58 in the autumn, probably December. The northern part of the village will have to wait until the cable is installed on Harewood Avenue – in Spring 2015. The result will be an improvement to broadband reception in the village, although it will still not be very fast.




1. Public Litter Bins – Cllr Pentith reported that there had been no change . One week one crew emptied all the bins, but the next a different crew said that some were not on their list. It was agreed to contact John Woolmer again.

2. Hedge on corner of Lumby Lane – Cllr Ogden reported on the danger at this corner, particularly at this time of year, from the overgrown hedge at the corner forcing drivers emerging from Lumby Lane out into the centre of the main road where they are vulnerable to traffic travelling down Whitegate. The Clerk is to write to the home owner and ask him to cut both hedges ASAP.

3. Grass Cutting. There have been complaints that the cut grass is just left to rot but Cllrs pointed out that this is the most which is required from the service.

4. Website – Cllr Batty reported that he has responded to a villager’s request to put on the website all details of services which will be affected in the village when the Tour de France begins at Harewood House on July 5th.


Signed :                                                                                       Date:


EKPC June 14 Mins.









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