POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported no crime in the last month. Two members of the Playground Fund Raising Group attended (item 6 M/A.)


PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Priestley, Warren , Ogden and Gibbs.




ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN  It was proposed Cllr Priestley, seconded Cllr  Gibbs,             and agreed unanimously that Cllr Anning should continue to serve as Chairman. Cllr Anning agreed to serve for a further year.


ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN  It was proposed Cllr Priestley, seconded Cllr Giibs,               and agreed unanimously that Cllr Batty should continue to serve as Vice Chairman. Cllr Batty agreed to serve for a further year.                       



Cllr Anning declared an interest in Finance 1(a)

Cllr Priestley declared an interest in Finance 1(b)and 1(g)

Cllr Pentith declared an interest in Finance 1(f) and M/A( 6).





1. Future of Village Shop.  There was still no definite information about whether this is to be accepted as a Village Asset. The Clerk will continue to press for a decision.  Hazel Webb is due to go on holiday in June and says that the shop will then close. The future of Newspaper sales in the village was discussed. Menzies, who hold the franchise, are understood to require a retainer of £1,000(a sort of bond) before agreeing to allow the sale of papers from a new source in the village. Cllr Priestley offered to investigate this. Cllr Priestley will also discuss with David Chapman the possibility of a distribution centre at the Star.

2.Plaques on Memorial Trees Cllr Ogden was thanked for his work in securing  the new plaques .to the Memorial Trees. It has been observed that 5 Memorial Trees, in the Old Memorial Garden and invisible from the road, relating to men killed in the Second World War, still retain the old plaques. Council agreed that they too should be replaced . Cllr Ogden will also make inquiries about the cost of having their names added to the War Memorial.

3. Gate to Marsh. The Chairman will remind Melanie Smith of her offer on behalf of the Wildlife Trust to have this fixed.  

4. Stones outside April Cottage. Some of these have been removed.  

5. Neighbourhood Plan. A further grant has been received. The Group has requested the training offered but understands that this is in high demand .

6. Playground Applications. Both applications – to Grantscape and to Green Leeds- have been refused. No reason was given for the first but it was known to be heavily oversubscribed. The application for £5K to Green Leeds was rejected on the grounds that if a grant from Grantscape failed to materialise, the project would not be viable. They were, however, encouraged to reapply if circumstances changed.

Becky Holdsworth and Emma Wren attended the meeting and explained that they are now applying for a Well Being Grant, in the name of the Council for £7 K, and similarly for a grant of 20K from Mondegreen EB. They may also apply for a MICE grant.  They have now decided to split the project into 2 phases. The first ,which they hope to commence in August 14 and complete by November 14,will consist of extending the playground from its present 0.06 to 0.1 hectares and installing some items of new equipment. The second phase,(which could run concurrently) when they plan to install the remainder ,should be completed by May 15.

They also have a plan B for a modified scheme if they fail to obtain sufficient grant money.

They emphasised their wish to take down the existing fencing separating the current playground from Carr Green and reinstalling it at the entrance side. After some discussion, Council agreed to this and the Group promised to have this done by professional contractors, although they would do further landscaping themselves.   Cllr Pentith pointed out that much rubbish will need to be removed from Carr Green which at present is not a safe play area for children. They intend undertaking further fund raising themselves in the village. The Chairman and Cllr Priestley will study the 2 current grant applications before they are submitted in the name of the Council and the Clerk will inform nearby residents of the PC agreement to the removal of the fence separating the playground and Carr Green before the Group learn the outcome of their latest grant applications.

7. Newcomers Lunch. Although the take up had been disappointing, those who attended voted the lunch a big success. Cllr Batty suggested the possibility of using the Duke as the venue for a future lunch and asking the pub to provide the catering.

8. Bridge over Wharfe.  Aidan Rayner has written that he has now left the post of Senior Engineer for NYCC and has been replaced by Ian Burgess. The Clerk is to ask the latter for a progress report. Cllr Batty is to draft a letter to the Director for NYCC requesting him to find the money from his budget to finance the repair work.

9. Village Assets There is no definite news other than that a visit has been paid to East Keswick when all 4 new sites were inspected. They are not expected to be controversial.

10. Theft of Old Memorial Garden Chains The Chairman had costed replacement  chains at B & Q. She will work out the amount required and total costs. The Clerk was asked to find out the supplier used on the previous occasion when extra chains were bought. Hemingways may be asked to secure them.

11. Sports Association  Cllr Priestley has written to the Law Society inquiring who took over Teeman Levine, as the remaining Trustee of the EK Sports  Association , Harry Moores, believes this was the firm who dealt with the conveyance to the Association when it was formed around 1980. Cllr Priestley is trying to obtain a copy of the conveyance before the Council can consider offering any assistance. He is also to make inquiries with David Cooke who may have knowledge of the original landowner.



1.New applications:- None.  


(a) No. 14/01335 – 9 South Mount – Exts.  

3. Meeting with New Owners of Reighton House, Moor Lane The Chairman reported that she and Cllr Gibbs had discussed proposals for this property. The new owners wish to have the existing structure knocked down and a new house built in its place. The Cllrs looked at the plans and expressed their agreement in principle but suggested a slightly simpler design.   



1.Bills for payment:-                                                           £ Net               VAT       Total

(a) Cllr Anning – Parish Assembly Expenses                      10.15                          10.15                   

(b) Cllr Priestley – Parish Assembly Expenses                    46.29                          46.29

(c)Zurich Insurance – Premium for 2014-15.                      888.07                        888.07

(d) .J. Gallant – Reimbursement – Computer Repair           20.00                          20.00

(N.B. ½ cost with BPC)

(e) RAY – Subs.                                                                   35.00                           35.00

(f) Cllr Pentith – Newcomers’ Lunch Expenses                     7.95                             7.95

(g) Cllr Priestley – Newcomers’ Lunch Expenses                84.90                           84.90

(h) Mrs Claire Gough – Newcomers’ Lunch Expenses      400.00                         400.00

(i) EKVH – Rent for Newcomers’ Lunch                              49.00                            49.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


2. End of Year Finances. Graham Plant, Internal Auditor, has checked the accounts but has yet to complete the documentation.



1. Defibrillator. It has been learnt that a defibrillator was left with Pure Indulgence a couple of months ago. This was part of a scheme by Yorkshire  Ambulance Service  to supply 100 defibrillators to areas with high risk of cardiac arrest in the region. They supply the equipment and the villages provide installation and running costs. On learning this, the Chairman visited the site. She was informed that the shop is prepared to supply electricity for the defibrillator to be housed in a unit outside their premises but would expect the PC to pay installation costs. The Clerk was asked to request details of the last P& T Forum Meeting when the scheme was first explained.   Cllr Batty found a website explaining details of the scheme .Training is available. Cllrs agreed that they would pay installation costs and in general were in favour of agreeing to its being housed on the front wall of Pure Indulgence.  

2. Grass Cutting  There continues to be uncertainty about which garden contractor is meant to cut the grass opposite the Duke . Council agreed that Mark Hullah should be asked to be responsible and asked to cut the grass right back to the hedge.

3. Recent Speed Check in Village The Chairman reported that she had been present with Tiff Greenwood when the last speed check was taken from Crabtree Lane car park and 5 motorists were caught and given warnings. Due to a Police transport problem, the timing had been badly delayed . The Clerk was asked to suggest that another check should be carried out in the near future, preferably around 5.30pm.



1. Parish Walks  Cllr Priestley announced the following:-

·       Short Walk – 23rd June, commencing at 7.30

·       Longer walk – 7th July , commencing at 7pm.

2. State of Roads – The Clerk was asked to report to Highways the need for re-surfacing of the bottom section of Lumby Lane and the middle section of Moor Lane. She is also to remind Steve Parry that no action has yet been taken to repair the pothole on School Lane.





EKPC May 14 Mins.












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