PRESENT  Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Priestley and Warren.


APOLOGIES Cllrs Gibbs and Ogden.




MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON MARCH 18TH 2014. These were approved.



1. Future of Village Shop.  The Chairman reported that this will remain open until the beginning  of June  2014.

2.Plaques on Memorial Trees An order has been placed for these.

3. Gate to Marsh.  The Chairman will remind the Wildlife Trust of their offer to fix the gate more satisfactorily.

4. Tree Work in Marsh  Andy Lloyd has carried out the work on the oak trees.  

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty will report on this at the Parish Assembly.

6. New Playground Proposals. The Council had agreed between meetings to a request from the Playground Group to make an additional grant application in the name of the Council. This is to Green Leeds for £5,000.

7. Newcomers Lunch. The invitations have been sent and to date there have been 15 acceptances.  Arrangements were made for the day.

·          Claire Gough is to be reminded by the Clerk about supplying a menu.

·          Cllr Priestley will provide wine.

·          Cllr Pentith will provide soft drinks and nibbles.

·          Cllr Ogden to supply beer.

·          Table cloths and napkins to be provided – the Clerk to check with Claire Gough.

·          Name badges to be supplied by the Chairman.

·          Balloons to be bought by Cllr Warren.

·          Simple table decorations to be bought by Cllr Pentith.

·          Tables of 6 suggested ,  with no set seating plan and one Cllr sitting at each table if possible.

·          Food to be served from one hatch, drinks from another.

·          Arrangements to be made for children attending – place, toys?

·          Cllrs to arrive at 11 for reception at 12 , followed by meal, and event  to conclude at 2pm.

8. Bridge over Wharfe. Aidan Rayner , ROW engineer from N.Yorks, is to provide a presentation on problems concerning the bridge over the Wharfe.

9. Replacement Picnic Table.  This is in situ, having been securely fixed to the ground by Mr Hyland.  

10. Village Assets. There is still no news as to whether the shop is to be accepted as an ACV. Cllr Batty has prepared 4 further applications which have been sent in to the Authority by the Clerk. These are for the Sportsfield, the Green Space on Church Drive, and the 2 Village Pubs.  Cllr Robinson is to be asked to check on our behalf the reason for the long delay in obtaining a decision over the shop.                                                                                                                  11.Waste Bins.Cllr Pentith is still concerned about the failure to have these emptied regularly.

12. Large Sign on A659. Bev Kirk, Highways Enforcement, is unable to deal with this and suggests approaching Planning. Mr Durkin, however, who is responsible for the sign, has tolld Cllr Gibbs that the Planning Officer is permitting the sign as it is on his own land.

13. Stones outside April Cottage. These have still not been removed.

Items 10, 11, 12 and 13 are all to be referred to Matthew Robinson for assistance from LCC.    



1.New applications:- None.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Anchorfast – New Picnic Table                            485.00               96.90           581.40

(b) YLCA – Subs.                                                      366.00                                   366.00

(c)NALC – LCR Subs.                                                 17.00                                     17.00

(d) J. Gallant – Reimbursement  Photocopying           16.50                                    16.50

(e) Hyland Builders Ltd – Work re Picnic Table         383.33                76.67          460.00                                          

     and Boundary Stone

(f) Garden Label Co. Ltd – Plaques for Trees           237.70                 47.54          285.24

(g) EKVH – Rent                                                         65.00                                      65.00

(h) Andy Lloyd – Tree Work                                      150.00                                    150.00

(i) Zurich Municipal – Insurance Premium                 888.07                                    888.07


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


2.Notice of Payment of Precept and LCC Grant. – to be paid to Bank on 4/4/14 - £17,000+ £477  Noted.

3. Approval of Unaudited  End of Year Finances. The Clerk had circulated these in advance of the meeting . It was then proposed Cllr Priestley, seconded Cllr Warren, and

It was resolved unanimously that the accounts be approved subject to audit.

4. Notice of Increase in CPRE Membership from £29 to £36 in August 2014.  Noted.           



1. Letter from LCC –  “Resolution of Leeds City Council “ re Planning Policy. LCC has reaffirmed its opposition to a developer led approach to planning policy, believing that a brownfield first approach is the right one. New housing should be prioritised in regeneration areas and areas where there is a clear unmet housing need. There is to be continuous protection of the Green Belt.

2. Parish Walks .The following have been agreed:-

·          Short Walk – June 23rd.

·          Longer Walk –July 7th.

Brian Dower will again be asked to design posters.



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