POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported one crime – Damage to a Motor Vehicle.

A couple of dates have been penned for speeders in the village.

Telephone calls of an unsavoury nature continue to be received from the Phone Box,

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Priestley, Ogden, Gibbs , Warren.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Batty and Pentith.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON FERUARY 18TH 2014. These were approved.


1. Future of Village Shop. There was still no information concerning the ACV application by the PC. The Clerk was asked to make further inquiries.

2. Grass cutting opposite the Duke and in Crabtree Lane Car Park Continental Landscapes and GGS both appear to cut the grass opposite the Duke. The Council’s preference is for GGS to be responsible for it. Mark Hullah has informed the Clerk that he never cuts the grassed area behind the picnic table as the area is so shaded that the grass never grows. The Chairman will explain to the EKWT that the only area in the car park where they have agreed to allow the experimental promotion of wild flower growth is the area round the large ash .

3.Plaques on Memorial Trees.

It was resolved to purchase the plaques discussed previously and to include the full name of the soldier, the date when he died, and his age, with the name of the War at the top right.

Cllr Ogden offered to put them on the trees.

4. Demise of Yorkshire Roast Company The Clerk has received a letter from Chris Whitewick explaining that he has ceased trading at the car park as he was failing to make enough profit from the venture. He had received a sudden offer of work from another concern and had needed to make an instant decision about accepting it. He had therefore forgotten to inform the PC. He is aware that his rent agreement calls for a period of 3 months’ notice but asks the PC if they will consider waiving this in the circumstances.

It was resolved to waive the 3 month ‘s notice.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty reported that he has now received the remainder of the promised grant- £364.

6.Village Clock. Time Assured have now checked the clock and are unsure about the reason for the failure of its self correcting mechanism. The part may be defective or there may be a problem with the power supply. It has been sent back to the manufacturers for testing. The hands of the clock have been moved on manually so that it is presently again showing the correct time. It is likely that a new self regulating device will be supplied by the manufacturers.

7. Newcomers Lunch .The Clerk has thoroughly researched the new Electoral List and compiled a list of newcomers to the village over the last 3 years. This consists of over 60 names. It is hoped that Cllr Batty will again compose the introductory letter, translate the names on to the letters, and names and addresses on to envelopes. Cllrs will then arrange delivery between them. She has discussed lunch arrangements with Claire Gough on similar lines to the previous lunch. No price for this can be fixed until likely numbers attending are known. The Village Hall Committee have quoted £49 for use of the Verity Room and the kitchen. Council agreed to invite the new Church of England Vicar and the new Methodist Minister .

8. Bridge over Wharfe. There has been further correspondence. Aidan Rayner reported (20/2/14) that the engineers have finalised the design for the repair of the bridge. This involves installing temporary support for the structure whilst the damaged pier is reset on a newly laid concrete foundation in the river bed. Costs are likely to be in excess of £200,000 i.e. more than the entire current rights of way maintenance budget for North Yorkshire. Funding is being discussed at a Directorate level within the County Council. Cllr Gibbs agreed to research possible grants.

9. Replacement Picnic Table. Mr Hyland offered to concrete this in for £280 ,and as there was no objection from Cllrs, the Clerk accepted the price. He has obtained metal straps to act as supports. The table is to be delivered next day (March 19th).

The Chairman has also noted the bad state of repair of the older picnic table. Council agreed to ask Billy Hobson to quote for repairing and repainting it.

10. State of Sports Club. Cllr Ogden is to inquire about the original land owner who sold the land to the Sports Club, in the hope of finding some written evidence of the transfer. Cllr Priestley will then sort through any information obtained.

11. Condition of Verges on Moor Lane The Clerk is to remind Highways.

12. Scaffolding at 12 Church Drive and Tarpaulin at No 1 Brooklands The Clerk had written as suggested but had received no reply re the scaffolding. As the tarpaulin has been in place equally long and is unsightly, it was agreed to ask the owner the reason for the length of time the work is taking.

13. Gate to Marsh. A member of the Wildlife Trust has offered to deal with this.

14. Village Assets. Cllr Batty is to be asked for any news on this.

15. Labels for dog Waste bins. John Woolmer agreed to supply these as requested but is waiting for a further supply of some .

16. Arrangements for Litter Pick. These are all in hand.

17. Extension to Playground. The Clerk had been asked to provide further details .These had been supplied by Emma Wren and passed to Grantscape. There have been 2 further letters of complaint about the playground extension from residents whose gardens back on to Carr Green. One resident expressed disappointment at the removal of the shrubs and hawthorn – a haven for birds and hedgehogs. Concerning the new equipment, she considers it has appeal for only a small minority and will increase the local budget for all. She noted the absence of seats and benches from the plan and considered more accurate drawings required. Council considered some of this information inaccurate.

The Chairman reported that the Group intends to apply before the end of May in the name of the Council for a grant from Mondegreen EB. She has emphasised that the Council must see the application before submission.

18. Snow Clearance – Bardsey Tree Services have now decided that they would be grateful if the Council could draw up an Agreement . Cllr Priestley is willing to undertake this but will need more information first.


1.New applications:- 14/ 01335 – 9 South Mount – Exts.

It was resolved to object to this application on the grounds that it is too large.



(a) 14/00274 – 13 Allerton Drive – Ext.



1.Bills for payment:- £ Net VAT Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses. 488.27 488.27

(b) PAYE – Oct, Nov, Dec. (Retro) 156.60 156.60

(c) PAYE – Jan, Feb. March 156.60 156.60

(d) GGS – Garden Maintenance 725.00 725.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.

2. Supervision of Accounts by Finance Committee The Finance Sub- Committee had checked the accounts to date and found them to be satisfactory.


1. Arrangements for Parish Assembly.

The following was agreed:-

· The Parish Council Meeting would be held prior to the Assembly at 6.30.

· Drinks (Wine to be obtained by Cllr Priestley and Snacks by Cllr Anning) would be served at 7.45.

· The Assembly would commence at 8pm.

· Aidan Rayner would be invited to speak about Woodhall Bridge.

· Cllr Batty would be asked to speak about the NP, providing details of the Consultation and details of the proposed way forward. He could also speak about the new website.

· Cllr Gibbs would speak on Planning.

· The Chairman would give the Annual Report.

· The Clerk would give the Financial Report.

2. Elm Trees in Carr Green. A letter had been received from the owners of Cherry Trees Cottage complaining that the roots from these self seeded trees are encroaching into their garden and that of Church View Cottage. The Chairman met Michael Rhodes, Tree Surgeon, on site, who suggested that the problem was not caused by the Elms but by a Willow. It was agreed to ask the opinion of Mr Lapish. Mr Lapish is also to be asked why permission to work on the oak trees in the Marsh is taking so long.

3. Trees at Church Michael Rhodes has been asked by the PCC to cut back their trees and had suggested that the PC might wish to have the trees for which they are responsible trimmed at the same time. There is one tree with branches overhanging the pavement and some further low level clearance required. Mr Rhodes offered to do the work for £250. Council agreed .

4. Parish & town Council Seminar 2014 Councils have been asked for suggested topics and preferred times for next year’s seminar. It was agreed to state a preference for weekdays, and daytime.

5. Repeal of Section 150 LGA 1972 allowing PCs to make electronic payments and allowing PCs to authorise payment of cheques with only one signature.

It was resolved that East Keswick would continue to use cheque payments but that one signature , out of 3 named signatories, rather than two as at present, was sufficient, except for sums over £5000 where 2 will still be required.

6. Consultation on draft Transparency for Councils with an annual turnover of less than £25,000. These Councils are in future to be exempted from routine external audit but subject to transparency requirements laid out in the draft code. Feedback on the content and application of this code are requested by May 6th.Cllrs expressed preference for maintaining the existing system of an annual external audit but would be guided by advice from the Internal Auditor , Graham Plant.

7. E mail from Melanie Smith re Trees and Grass Cutting – The Wildlife Trust has carried out work in the Marsh on the crack willows but now considers that the willows at the end of the drainage path may also need attention. She regrets the grass cutting carried out by GGS recently behind the bench at the War Memorial. The Chairman replied, informing her that the PC had not given the EKWT permission to leave this area uncut.


1. Health and Safety Induction – Cllr Ogden demonstrated to Cllrs the latest H & S requirements for vacating the Village Hall in the event of fire.

2. MD Paviors Sign – This is prominently placed on the A659. It was agreed to ask Bev Kirk to arrange for its removal.

3.Possible Fire Danger at end of South Mount – Cllr Ogden explained that a number of flats, mainly occupied by old people, are now in a vulnerable position with no fire easy exit in the event of fire. This is due to a large fence at the back of Linden House. Cllrs suggested that Cllr Ogden discusses the problem with the Fire Service.



EKPC March 14 Mins.


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