POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM PCSO Tiff Greenwood attended and reported that no crimes had been reported during the last month. One resident, however, is experiencing problems with acts of vandalism directed towards her car.  The Police are continuing to investigate these acts of criminal damage. For the present the car is parked close to the resident’s house in order that it can be kept under observation.  A further problem which cannot at present be solved concerns a number of 999 calls made at night from the village phone box. Following a leaflet drop on nearby properties by the Police, the calls have now been made from the telephone box on Keswick Lane.

The Chairman requested a further speed check in the village.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Ogden, Gibbs .


APOLOGIES Cllrs Priestley and Warren.

DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance (d).

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON JANUARY 21ST 2014. These were approved.


1. Future of Village Shop. There was still no information on whether this will be accepted as an ACV for East Keswick. The Clerk had made inquiries and been informed that objections had been raised which were delaying any decision. She was asked to investigate further and to inquire the grounds on which LCC is able to reject an application.

The Chairman reported that the shop is to remain open until Easter.

Cllr Batty suggested that some kind of postal service, unconnected with the Royal Mail, but offering basic services such as pick up and delivery of parcels,stamps and cash machine, could be established on the premises.

2.Crime Prevention Representative. There was still no one found who was willing to undertakes this.

3.Plaques on Memorial Trees. The Clerk had obtained a sample of a stainless steel  plaque. It was agreed to order these but various suggestions as to the amount of detail desirable on each plaque – perhaps full name, regiment name and/or date of death was still to be determined. The Chairman will discuss the matter once again with Will Lifford.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. It was agreed that is in acceptable condition.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. There was nothing to report.

6. New Playground Proposals. Cllrs Anning and Priestley had made minor modifications to the application. This has now been sent and acknowledged by Grantscape. The Two Cllrs and a member of the Playground Group had also met the residents living near the playground who had voiced objections to the extension into Carr Green and had attempted to allay their concerns.

7. Newcomers Lunch .Cllrs were asked to supply names to the Clerk ,and people new to the village within the last 3 years are to be asked via the Newsletter to contact her. The Clerk is to find out when the new Electoral Register will be published. It was agreed to ask Claire Gough once again to suggest a suitable lunch menu. A flyer advertising the lunch should be distributed with the next Welcome to the Village packs.

8. Bridge over Wharfe. An e mail had been received from Steven Wood , Footpath Officer RA Wetherby Group, reporting that at a recent meeting of the Liaison Group at N.Yorks Offices he had learnt that NYCC had been delayed due to problems obtaining consent from the Environment Agency and fluctuations in the water levels. They have already spent £35,000 and accept that the bridge is their responsibility and the importance of the structure. However, the PROW budget is likely to be cut by a further 25% and they will not be able to meet their statutory obligations. Steven fears we will be left to manage without a bridge. Martin Bennett of the Ramblers Association said he would put it on their February agenda.

Aidan Rayner wrote on 31.1.14 that the engineers have completed the design for structural repair and he will soon know the final costs. The Clerk was asked to write again asking whether this information is now available.

9. Replacement Picnic Table. Mr Hyland is willing to concrete in a new table. The Clerk was asked to order the table around Easter.

10. State of Sports Club. There was nothing to report.

11. Boundary Stone. Mr Hyland has restored the stone to its original position.

12. Trees in Keswick Marsh. This work requires the permission of Mr Lapish due to TPOs. Melanie Smith furnished all the required information but there has still been no approval for the work.

13. Gate to Marsh. Cllr Ogden has assessed the problem and will deal with it when weather permits.

14. Stones on Verge outside April Cottage. Steve Parry , Highways, had written explaining that it is a breach of the 1980 Highway Act and  the Authority has powers to remove or fine people who place large stones on verges.

15. Verge Licence for EKWT. Cllr Priestley has studied the licence and found it satisfactory.

16. Village Assets. The Clerk had sought advice on the 2 areas of land proposed at the last meeting for ACVs. The advice was that the Sportsfield could qualify but the land on Church Drive was less likely to do so. To qualify for this status it is necessary to prove that the asset currently has a social value to the community. Cllr Batty agreed to complete nomination forms for both.

17. Waste Bins. Cllr Pentith had asked John Woolmer to supply 14 labels stating that dog waste should be put in the black bins and 10 labels saying it is an offence to leave dog waste lying around.

18. Fly Tipping in Crabtree Lane Car Park. This has been dealt with.

19. Condition of Cleavesty Lane. It was agreed to wait until Park Lane Homes have completed work and cleaned up the area as promised.

20. Arrangements for Litter Pick. These are in hand.  It was agreed to ask the Guides to assist.  Cllr Pentith will organise tea and coffee in the Methodist Hall.



1.New applications:-

(a) 14/ 00274 – 13 Allerton Drive – Alts. & Ext.

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.



(a) No. 13/ 04234 – Old Parsonage – New Dwelling to plot.

(b) No 13/ 05719 – 22 Church Drive – Exts.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                            £ Net        VAT             Total

(a) East Keswick Village Hall – Rent                                   32.50                            32.50

(b) Mrs G. Anning – Reimbursement – Expenses               12.18                            12.18

(c) 1st East Keswick Guides – Grant   (Retro)                   100.00                           100.00

(d) CMS – Web Hosting                                                    190.00        38.00           228.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.



1. Garden Maintenance Quotation  from GGS. GGS quoted a total of £2,900 per annum, with quarterly payments of £725., an increase of £88 from the previous year.

It was resolved to accept the GGS quotation.

The Clerk was asked to check whether GGS or Continental Landscapes are responsible for cutting the grass verge opposite the Duke.

2. Letter from Continental Landscapes re Additional Services. The form is prepared to offer a higher grass cutting service and a gritting service in winter. Council did not consider any further services are required at present.

3. Dates for Council Meetings. The Chairman said that she will be on holiday for both the June and the September Meetings.

It was resolved that Cllr Batty would chair the June meeting and the September Meeting would be brought forward to September 9th.

The Clerk is to inform Nicola, Hall Manager, of the change.

4. Walking Stick for Doug. Pattinson. The Chairman has given permission for Mr Pattinson to take a holly branch from a tree in the Marsh to make into a walking stick.

5. Possible reduction in PCSO Numbers. It had been made known at the recent Harewood & Wetherby Town & Parish Council Forum that LCC was holding a review of this service and there was a possibility that officer numbers for rural areas might be cut. Councils were urged to write in to Leeds stressing the importance of this service to villages. The Chairman had subsequently written and received a reply from Peter Gruen saying that he would take her remarks into account and hoped there would be no reduction in the PCSO rural service.

6. Yorkshire Roast Company The Clerk had learnt that Chris Whitewick had decided to give up the mobile catering unit as he was not making sufficient profit to justify continuing. It was agreed to contact him about the need for an official letter terminating the Agreement. It was further agreed to check the terms of the Agreement.


1. Village Clock The Chairman reported that this is once again showing the wrong time. This may be due to power cuts experienced in the south of the village last week. The Clerk was asked to report the matter.

2. Condition of Verges in Village There had been complaints from residents about the way verges are being churned up by traffic in the village. It was agreed that the only solution would be to have concrete kerbs which Council consider unsuitable in a rural location. It was, however, suggested that the Clerk contact Highways about cutting back vegetation at the sides of the footpath on Moor Lane from Ivy Grange to Moat House and on Crabtree Lane from the New Memorial Gardens onwards, where the footpaths are very narrow.

3. Scaffolding at 12 Church Lane. It was agreed to inquire how long this is likely to remain in place.





EKPC Feb. 14 Mins.


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