The Police reported 2 crimes during December – one Burglary Dwelling, and one Burglary Other.


David Cooke attended to clarify the conditions attaching to his rental agreement .It was explained that the condition that on the one day in the year when the land is to remain empty, it should remain so for the full 24 hours. He asked whether it was permissible for him to allow the sheep to cross the land during that time on their way to another of his fields. Council thought this was acceptable.

Mr Cooke then reiterated that he is still willing to purchase the land if the Council wishes to sell it.

Thirdly, he raised an issue over delay in placing the Minutes on the website. Council explained to him that these could not be displayed until approved at the following meeting. The November Minutes could not be viewed until after the present meeting as the Council had held no meeting in December.


Janet Thornton attended with 2 suggestions for consideration by the Council.

She asked whether they were considering any kind of village celebration, possibly acting jointly with Harewood PC, in connection with the Tour de France when part of the Tour will be a short distance from the village.

Her second suggestion was to have a pop up café at the village shop. Cllrs pointed out that it was not yet known how long the shop will remain open, and there are no toilet facilities downstairs.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Pentith, Ogden, Gibbs and Warren.



Cllr Gibbs reported an interest in Planning (a)

Cllr Pentith declared an interest in MA 6.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON NOVEMBER 26th 2013 These were approved.


1. Future of Village Shop. There is still no news as to whether this is to gain ACV status. David Cooke had written to the Council suggesting that they consider applying for a community grant to help keep the shop open. There was uncertainty about how long the shop would remain open. Opening part time has been mooted, possibly first thing in the morning for newspaper collection and later in the afternoon after the schools have closed. There has been discussion about the possibility of conducting some retail activity from the Village Hall as the Snooker Room is likely to become available. Sale of newspapers and boxes of vegetables have been mentioned. The Clerk was asked to consult the PWLB about a possible further loan to finance the shop in the event of its closing.

2. Crime Prevention Representative. No one has volunteered .If no one further comes forward the Council will simply have to report that they cannot find anyone willing to undertake this job.

3. Snow Clearance The Clerk understands that Andy Ward has bought a snow plough. Bardsey PC has agreed to join in the scheme and a clearance route between the 2 villages has been drawn up .A request has been made for a grit bin in The Paddock which could be considered next year.

4. Plaques on Memorial Trees. The Chairman has found that metal plaques would cost little more than wooden ones and should be more long lasting. She is to ask for a sample.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. There is nothing to report.

6. New Playground Proposals Between meetings the Playground Group had sent the Council a copy of the proposed grant application which the Council will make on their behalf to Caird Bardon. There has been some opposition to the extension of the playground into Carr Green from residents living nearby who had received details of the scheme for the first time shortly before Christmas. The Council discussed the grant application in detail, suggesting a number of modifications, particularly concerning times of opening and numbers likely to use the playground. The Chairman is to send the suggestions back to Becky Holdsworth and arrange a short meeting to discuss them with the Group. She and Cllr Priestley will invite the residents affected by the extension into Carr Green to a meeting, possibly on Monday afternoon, January 27th, and will ask one of the Playground Committee to attend.

7. Next Newcomers Lunch The Verity Room has been booked for Saturday May 17th.

8 Village Clock. It had been found necessary to replace the automatic restart unit at a cost of £425 + VAT. This part carries a 5 year guarantee.

9. Bridge over Wharfe. Dennis Corn had reported further apparent damage to the bridge which the Clerk passed on to Aidan Rayner. The latter had inspected the site but had reported back that the bridge has not subsided further and conditions generally are not as bad as appeared . The Clerk agreed to check with Mr Rayner on further progress , particularly regarding reliable costing, as previously promised for January.

10.Clearance of Gullies. These have been dealt with.

11.Replacement Picnic Table The Clerk has agreed with the suppliers of the original picnic table for a replacement. An order needs to be placed a few weeks before it is actually required .Mr Hyland is to be asked to quote for fixing the new table in concrete.

12. State of Sports Club. Cllr Priestley has made further attempts to obtain documentary evidence on the status of the club from Harry Moores but without any success to date. He will continue to pursue the matter.

13. Boundary Stone The Chairman has visited the site with Sylvia Pinkney and Mr Hyland, the latter has quoted £150 to repair and reposition it.

It was resolved to accept Mr Hyland’s quotation of £150 for re-positioning the boundary stone.


1.New applications:-

(a) 13/05719 – 22 Church Drive – Ext.

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.


(a) 13/ 02833- Cleavesty Centre – Det. house.

It was agreed to ask for the reasons and make clear that the PC was in favour of the last application.



1.Bills for payment:- £ Net VAT Total

(a) Time Assured Clocks – Clock Repair (Retro) 425,00 85.00 510.00

(b) J. Gallant – Salary and Expenses (796.87+62.80) 859.67 859.67

It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.


2. Parish Precept for 2014. The Clerk had revised the budget proposals following suggested changes by Cllr Priestley.

It was resolved to leave the Precept unchanged at £17,000

3. Increase in Rent for Village Hall. This has been increased by £1 per hour. It was agreed to pay the increase but to stress that we expected the hall to be adequately heated for every meeting.



1. Trees in Keswick Marsh Bardsey Tree Services has quoted £250+ VAT for work required on 2 Oak Trees in the Marsh(PC responsibility); £200 + VAT for work on Crack Willow Trees, and £250 + VAT for tree work in Oxclose Woods.( the 2 latter EKWT responsibility).

Andy Lloyd has quoted £150 for the EKPC work and £200 for the EKWT work.

The Wildlife Trust are minded to offer the contract to Andy Ward, regardless of the difference in price.

They wish to stress that, although it was they who brought the condition of the oak trees to the attention of the PC, they cannot be considered liable for the work. They are also anxious to stress that all branches removed should remain on site.

The Council discussed the 2 quotations for the Oak Trees in the Marsh and

It was resolved to accept the quotation from Andy Lloyd.

2. Missing Bus Stop Sign – City Square – Wetherby side. Jim Dedicoat has reported this to Metro who have supplied a temporary replacement.

3. Gate to Marsh – Possible hinges to be attached. Cllr Ogden volunteered to fix some hinges.

4. Date for Litter Pick. Council agreed to hold a litter pick on Saturday April 5th. The Clerk will request a skip in the Star car park and will ask Cleansing for the loan of the usual equipment.

5. Stones on Verge/Road outside April Cottage. A villager has reported that the positioning of the stones has often resulted in people damaging their cars. They would be better, if set in the grass. It was agreed to speak to the resident again and then to report the matter to Highways.

6. Compilation of Diary for Parish Council. The Chairman said that her husband had devised a pop up diary for village hall concerns and suggested that a similar one could be beneficial to the Council.

7. Verge Licence for EKWT The Council has received an e mail from Melanie Smith and sight of the Verge Licence Agreement for digging out small areas of grass on the verges on some approach roads to the village to encourage wild flowers to flourish. The EKWT will pay the £80 cost. They hope to commence work within the next 4 weeks and will wear High Visibility jackets. The document is to be checked by Cllr Priestley.

On Sunday 26th January EKWT work party will be planting 1000 saplings to form a new hedgerow along the boundary of Ellerker Fields. Members of the PC are invited to observe/ participate.


1.Village Assets. –Cllr Priestley suggested that the Council attempt to have further assets listed as ACVs, allowing the Council to bid for them if they come on to the market. After some discussion, it was agreed to suggest the present Sports Ground and the grassed triangle of land on Church Drive.

2. Waste Bins – Cllr Pentith asked the Council to check whether there is a definite day in the week when these bins are emptied and also to obtain stickers for the bins advising people to put their dog litter in these black bins. Cllr Anning will ask John Woolmer about both at the Forum meeting next week.

3. Fly tipping in Crabtree Lane car park – The Clerk to remind Cleansing to whom this has already been reported.

4. Condition of Cleavesty Lane – Cllr Ogden complained of the muddy conditions caused by water running off the fields and turned into mud by contractors’ vehicles.



EKPC Jan 14. Mins


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