POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM PC Sue Broadwell reported 1 crime – a burglary – during the previous month.


Mr and Mrs Brook attended to report the problems residents of Church Drive are now facing due to the presence in the road of the caravan at 12 Church Drive .PC Sue Broadwell was asked to take the matter up.


Three members of the Playground Group attended at the request of the Clerk (Correspondence 1).


Andrew Ward also attended by invitation (MA 14)

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Pentith, Gibbs, Warren.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Priestley and Ogden.

DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance (a) , (b) and (g) and in Correspondence (2)

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  SEPTEMBER 17TH 2013 These were approved.


1. Closure of Post Office and Future of Village Shop .It was reported that Hazel Webb will probably continue in business until Christmas, after which she will close for refurbishment. With the loss of the Post Office, business is down. Cllr Priestley had reported that he had given Steve Halliday’s name to Hazel Webb and had spoken to Mr Halliday himself.

There was considerable discussion on newspaper distribution in the village once the shop has closed. Various possible venues were mentioned. Cllr Batty offered to speak to David Chapman at The Star who might be in a position to take this service on.

2. Assets adjoining Highway. The Clerk reported that she had sent these in to Highways.

3. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. Work has been completed by BTCV. Cllr Gibbs has used the new path on several occasions and considers it a big improvement. The Chairman said that the Tennis Club are willing to make a contribution and it was agreed to suggest £150.

4. Neighbourhood Plan .A successful Open Weekend had taken place. There had been a lot of interest and the results are now being analysed. The Clerk had obtained further information re Assets of Community Value (ACVs). A detailed report is required on any site a village wishes to have listed and this is subject to scrutiny by LCC and may not receive approval. It is realistic to list only a few sites, ones that it is conceivable the community might decide to purchase if threatened. Pubs and playing fields are the normal examples. Assets already in the possession of the PC should not be included. It was agreed to try to have the village shop listed and Cllr Batty found and completed the appropriate form on the website .He will e mail it to The Clerk, the Chairman and Cllr Gibbs for approval.

5. Annual Report. This has been completed and will be printed this week .Cllrs will distribute it round the village in the roads they each adopted last year.

6.Annual Lease Agreement with Mr Cooke and Vacating of Bull Pound on October 31st. The lease has been signed and Cllrs Pentith and Gibbs are agreeable to checking on the vacating of the land on October 31st.


7.Clearance of Gullies. These have been cleared.

8. Replacement Picnic Table. Cllr Gibbs has obtained details of another picnic table from Schoolscapes in Cornwall. This will cost a total of £672 , including delivery, fixing clamps and VAT.

9. Bridge over Wharfe. N.Yorks Officer , Aidan Rayner, responded to the Council’s last e mail explaining that the decision to renew  the closure period  for a further 12 months was taken on financial grounds. Ground investigations to determine the best method of securing the damaged pier have been completed and engineers are working on the findings. Once agreed and the costs known, he will be able to put a timescale on the project.(hopefully in October). Funding has been allocated to get to the final stage. Mr Corn has visited the site recently and reported work which LCC should be asked to attend to on the south side. Several young trees have continued to grow from underneath the bridge, and their branches are starting to press the rails and sides inward. The growth needs cutting back before expensive damage is caused. The Clerk had sent this information to Cllr Matthew Robinson, to be passed on to LCC.  Bob Buckenham (ROW) replied that he would discuss the tree work with N.Yorks. The Clerk had requested an update from N.Yorks and was informed that they hope to put protective bagging round the damaged pier next week. Mr Rayner should be in receipt of the repair damage and costings shortly after.

10. Arrangements for Remembrance Service. The service will be conducted by the Rev. Amy Walters and the PC Chairman and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant will take part. 50 Orders of Service will be printed. Brian Dower is to be asked to design and distribute posters around the village.

11. Report from Chairman on RAY Networking Event on 12.10.13. The Chairman said this had been geared to Village Halls and did not help with possible retention of the shop.

12. Further Representative on Crime Prevention Panel. It was agreed to ask Peter Renfree.

13. Possible Help with Snow Clearance from Andy Ward. Mr Ward explained that he possessed a tractor and was willing to purchase a second hand snow plough and salt/grit and to be in a stand bye position to clear the secondary roads in the village in the event of heavy snow. He would need a long term commitment from the Council for retention of his services in order to justify the outlay. Insurance would also have to be taken into consideration. He was in touch with some farmers in N.Yorks who undertake similar work, but paid for by the Council. A possible cost to the Council might be £50 per hour. The service could be extended to Bardsey. The Clerk offered to find out whether LCC would subsidise the plough/grit. Mr Ward would make further inquiries re costings.

Cllr Pentith reported that residents thought there was a grit bin missing. Further information was required on this.

14. Further Work on Crabtree Lane Car Park. Steve Parry had explained that Highways could not undertake any work in the car park for a few months. The Clerk had approached a Bardsey resident who used to work for Highways and often does small repair work on the roads. After looking at the site, he said that it would cost several hundred pounds and would need to be done thoroughly or risk breaking up again. The Chairman suggested contacting Hemmingways ,and this was agreed. They should also be asked whether they had any interest in making an alternative quotation for snow clearance.

15. Boundary Stone. The Chairman and Sylvia Pinkney had visited the site where this was lying, embedded in nettles.They will try to recover the stone when the vegetation has died back.

16. Plaques on Memorial Trees.  Mr Lapish considered that metal plaques would not affect the trees but the nails used to secure them could do so. Plastic plaques would therefore be preferable. There had been a recent complaint about the state of the current plaques from a visitor to the village who had come specifically to see the plaque of a relative. It was agreed that replacements should be sought this year if possible.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13/04234 – Old Parsonage – New Dwelling

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.

It was suggested that there should be a condition limiting future use to that of a carer ,but the idea was rejected.



(a) No.13/ 05296 – Heathfield Cottage, Whitegate – Exts.                                                                                      (b) No.13/ 02487 – Land adj. to Two Hoots Farm – Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling

(c) No.13/03711- Linden  House, Lumby Lane – Ext.


3. Traveller’s Rest Cllr Gibbs reported that work has commenced.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) CMS – Printing & Stationery (NP)                           218.52           43.72            262.24

(b) CMS – Posters & Banners (NP)                           2,425.80         485.16         2,910.96

(c)Walter Lewis – Photography (NP)                              72.00                                  72.00

(d) Janet Thornton – Refreshments (NP)                       55.00                                  55.00

(e) Mr M. Cooper – Van Hire (NP)                                  63.00                                  63.00

(f) Richard Smith – Van Hire (NP)                                  90.00                                  90.00

(g) CMS – Harewood Road Leaflets (PC)                    125.00             25.00          150.00

(h) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses                               657.46                                657.46

(i) HM Customs & Revenue – PAYE                            158.00                                158.00

(j) William Hobson – Painting Railings                           48.00                                  48.00

(k) EKVH – Hire of Hall (NP 566+ PC 51.25)               617.25                                617.25

(l) BTCV – Laying of Path near Tennis Courts         1,500.00            300.00       1,800.00

(j) Wicksteed Leisure – Playground Inspection.            60.00              12.00            72.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.



1. Query from Playground Group re Recovery of VAT and further information on possible expansion into Carr Green. The Clerk had consulted with the Internal Auditor, Graham Plant, and they had agreed that provided the Council placed the order and took responsibility for the work, VAT could be recovered. The Auditor, however, advised checking on the need for planning permission to extend the current playground into Carr Green. The Clerk was informed by Jessica Thomas. Senior Planning Officer, that although it would not be necessary to apply for Change of Use, it would be necessary to apply for permission to put play structures on the land. This would involve a full planning application, so detailed that she recommended employing a specialist or architect to undertake the work. If the Group failed to apply for permission, in the event of a future complaint from a resident about failure to go through this process, the PC, not the Playgroup, would be liable. The Group agreed to discuss their plans in detail with members of the PC before the next meeting on November 26th, to enable the Council to submit the planning application for them.

2. Updated Website .Cllr Batty had e mailed Cllrs with details of a possible new improved website based on updated software ,carrying limited advertising space ,and including a forum/chat room section. CMS would charge £800 to undertake this re-vamping, but the true commercial cost would be nearer 5k. Cllrs agreed to consider this further before making a decision.


1. Welcome to the Village – Cllr Priestley had asked whether the Council wished to have another welcome lunch as it is 3 years since the last one was held. Council agreed.

2. Report on Forum Meeting Cllr Pentith reported on details of grants available to projects involving young persons (details previously circulated to Cllrs by e mail and copied to Emma Wren, Playgroup Fundraising Chairman). Details of changes to bin collections are to be finalised shortly. The system of black and green bins being emptied on alternate weeks is shortly to be introduced to our area, probably mid November. Bin Police will monitor, adopting a “softly, softly” approach. Comments are welcomed on changing the name Parish Council to Community Council.

3. Broadband Cllr Batty brought posters and leaflets for general distribution concerning faster Broadband.  He said that 2/3rds of W. Yorks will get the improved service which will go to those making the best case for its need in their area. All residents are to be urged to make the case for East Keswick.

4. Complaint re Noise from this year’s Leeds Fest The Clerk was asked to complain to the organisers as there was one evening during this year’s Fest when the noise of the lyrics travelled as far as East Keswick.

5. Complaint from a Wharfe Rein resident re absence of East Keswick Newsletters. The complaint had been made at the NP Open Weekend . The lady was informed that surplus newsletters are available if collected in the village from the church and shop.

6. Overhanging Hedge – Cllr Pentith asked for a complaint to be made concerning an overgrown hedge between 55 and 57 Church Drive.

7. Notices around the village encouraging cleaning up after dogs It was noted that these have been appearing round the village. Cllrs considered that any method of achieving this should  be encouraged. Some other areas have stickers to this effect on litter bins. John Woolmer is to be asked to provide some for East Keswick.

8. Use of the Noticeboard A query had been received about the posting of notices relating to individual events as opposed to general information on organisations. There was also uncertainty about which village organisations held keys to the 2 sections available to them,  the right and left (the centre being for the Parish Council only).Further investigation was required.





EKPC October 13 Mins.



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