POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported 3 crimes during the last month- one of Arson (cricket pavilion), one of Burglary Other, and one of Criminal Damage to M/V.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Ogden, Pentith and Gibbs.

APOLOGIES Cllr Warren arrived at 9pm after the vote was taken on support for the playground proposals.


Cllr Batty declared an interest in MA 17 and Finance 1 (c).

Cllr Pentith declared a personal and prejudicial interest in MA 15 and took no part in voting on this matter.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON OCTOBER 23RD 2013 These were approved, with one minor amendment.


1. Future of Village Shop .The Nomination Form presenting the Council’s reasons for requesting that the shop should be included on LCC Asset List has been received and Hazel Webb, Shop Owner, has received a visit in connection with it. The Chairman reported Miss Webb’s upset at knowing nothing in advance of the visit and advised that if the Council applies for further ACVs the property owners should be informed in advance .

2. Crime Prevention Representative. Peter Renfree has declined the invitation to become the next representative. It was agreed to advertise for a volunteer on the website and in the newsletter.

3.Snow Clearance Andrew Ward has clarified that it will take him 2 hours to clear the whole of East Keswick of snow and that his charge will be £50 per hour.

After much discussion

It was resolved to reply to Andrew Ward ,offering to pay him £100 for each 2 hour snow clearance of the village, as and when severe snowfalls justify, with a minimum payment of £500 per winter. This arrangement to be offered for a 3 year period.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. Peter Lord, on behalf of the Tennis Club, has given the Council a cheque for £150.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. There is nothing further to report. The Clerk asked whether the Council would support Bardsey Parish Council in objecting to the LCC  CIL proposal whereby Councils with a Neighbourhood Plan will be allowed 25% of the funding by developers on new developments in their parishes, whilst LCC takes the remaining 75%, to spend anywhere in Leeds. Council agreed to support Bardsey.

6. Annual Report. These have been circulated. Cllr Batty was thanked for the production of a very professional document once again.

7. Further Work on Crabtree Lane Car Park. Mr Hemingway said he was willing to consider the work but has not shown further interest in visiting the site. At the suggestion of Cllr Matthew Robinson, it was agreed to appeal to Russell Martin of LCC ,asking whether Highways could complete the work and fill the enlarging pothole.

8 Annual Lease Agreement with Mr Cooke and Vacating of Bull Pound on October 31st. It was agreed to explain to Mr Cooke that the Agreement means that the land should be vacated for the full 24 hours on October 31st each year.  It had been evident to Cllrs inspecting the site on 31/10/13 that the sheep would have to cross the Council land during the morning.  On a subsequent afternoon visit there were no sheep on the land.

9.Caravan at 12 Church Drive. This now appears to have been moved.

10.Clearance of Gullies. This has been done.

11. Plaques on Memorial Trees. The Chairman has obtained information on plaques from the internet. This will be discussed further in January.

12. State of Sports Club. The recent arson incident has destroyed the interior of the kitchen, and the Sports Club has no insurance to make a claim for the damage. The Council still wishes to establish whether, in the event of the club having to fold, the land will revert to the Parish Council. Cllr Priestley will have a further talk with Harry Moores.

13. Replacement Picnic Table and Letter from Zurich Insurance . The Insurance Company have agreed that the Council may accept the quotation from Anchor Fast. It was agreed to order the table from the firm but to ask for delivery to wait until Spring.

14. Bridge over Wharfe. Aidan Rayner, Landscape Officer from N.Yorks, and Cllr Matthew Robinson attended part of the meeting. Mr Rayner gave a detailed report on the state of operations at present. Costs should be known by January, at which stage he will approach LCC for financial help. The amount required is likely to be greater than his total annual budget. Cllr Robinson suggested that though initially more expensive, long term a new bridge might be more cost effective. The bridge is not Listed or insured . If funding is made available, the earliest start date for work to commence would be April.  Bob Buckenham, LCC Rights of Way, has promised tidy vegetation on the Leeds side by Christmas.

15. Report on Meeting with Playground Group. Four representatives of the Parish Council met with four members of the Playground Group to discuss the next steps towards the refurbishing of the playground. The Legal Dept. of LCC has overruled the original decision by a Senior Planning Officer that a full planning application is required. The placing of play equipment on Carr Green land is now allowed as Permitted Development. The scheme favoured by the Playgroup Group has been drawn up by Wicksteed Leisure and will cost  £40, 000 + VAT( the latter  dependent on who submits the application). Peter Anning, who has wide experience of grant applications, considers that the Parish Council should submit it, and the Playground Group should act as the third party provider. He also thinks that the Parish Council should be seen to be making a financial contribution. This was explained to the Group by the PC Chairman. She also advised them to seek other grants, in particular from Green Leeds. The Group asked that the PC should help them in making a further approach to the residents who will be affected. The application will not be made until January, but a letter of endorsement is required in the near future. Following the meeting, Emma Wren sent Council an e mail making 5 requests:

· The Playgroup may go ahead and receive a letter of support from the Parish Council.

· They can submit the application in the name of the Council.

· The Council will write to nearby residents setting out the plans

· The Council approves work to be carried out by the Group during the winter a) clearing the scrub and b) removing the fencing.

· The Council will agree on its level of financial support.

After much discussion, it was proposed Cllr Batty, and  seconded Cllr Priestley , that the Council should  support the new Playground Project. A vote was taken, with 4 voting in favour, and 1 against. The motion was therefore carried.

On the 5 points raised by Emma Wren, it was agreed to write back agreeing to 1),2) and 3). On point 4) Council agreed to work being done on the scrub, but not on the fencing. On 5) they agreed to commit £500 to the Playground Project.

16. Report on Remembrance Service. This was well attended once again. One of the Deputy Lord Lieutenants attended, laid a wreath, and played a brief part in the service. Part way through, the Police arrived to stop the traffic flow .The Clerk has subsequently written thanking them and suggesting that this happen regularly. The Chairman was disappointed that the service was not listed ,other than in the East Keswick news report in the Newsletter, along with other Remembrance Day services, and suggested this should be mentioned to the Editor in future.

17.Updated Website. Council voted unanimously in favour of the improved website.

18. Welcome to the Village Lunch 2014. It was agreed to invite all who had moved into the village since the last lunch. The Clerk is to discuss free Saturdays in late March/ April with the new VH manager, Nicola Hulme.

19. Report from Wicksteed following Playground Inspection. Cllr Ogden agreed to check which pieces of equipment required greasing. Mark Hullah is to be asked to supply more bark.

20. Village Clock .This is 30 minutes slow, following a short power cut. Time Assured would like an undertaking that if, on their site visit, they find that the auto re-start mechanism has failed, the PC is prepared to pay £425+ VAT for a replacement.  Council agreed to the request, provided the new mechanism carries a guarantee.




13/ 02919 – Moat House – Exts.



1.Bills for payment::- £ Net               VAT                Total

(a) Time Assured Clocks – Service Agreement           115.00              23.00           138.00

(b) Collingham & District British Legion – Wreath etc.   50.00                                    50.00

(c) CMS – Annual Reports                                           570.00             114.00          684.00

(d) Salt Provision- Grit for 3 bins. (at 75.54 each)       226.62                                   226.62

(e) Bardsey Scouts – Grant                                         100.00                                   100.00

(f) Wetherby & district Crime Prevention Grant           100.00                                   100.00

(g) Newsletter Grant                                                    170.00                                   170.00

(h) East Keswick Village Hall – Rent                             25.62                                     25.62

(i) GGS – Grounds Maintenance                                 702.98                                   702.98

It was resolved to approve all the bills listed above


2. First consideration of Budget for 2014.  The Clerk had prepared and circulated a first draft budget. Cllr Priestley offered to discuss details with her prior to the January meeting.


1. Request for financial assistance from Guides. Heidi Potter had written to the local PCs , from whose villages the Guides are drawn, asking for a donation towards new tents for camping. Council agreed to give the Guides £100.

2. Letter from Highways re Maintenance Programme 2014-15. No work is included for East Keswick.


1. Dog Fouling Notices Cllr Gibbs asked about these. The Chairman produced a few which she had taken from the internet and had laminated.


2. Letter from Peter Guildford The Chairman had been advised that it is no longer possible for the Council to use the upstairs room for meetings. It will therefore be advisable to check with the Manager well beforehand when changing the date of a meeting.

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