POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The Police reported 1 crime during the month – theft of 2 motor vehicles from one property.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Gibbs and Ogden.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Pentith and Warren.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  AUGUST 20TH 2013 These were approved with one amendment.


1. Closure of Post Office and Future of Village Shop  The PC asked Hazel Webb who owns the Village Shop, if she would  attended part of the meeting to discuss the future of the shop now that the Post Office has closed.

The Chairman has been in contact with a Post Office representative about the possibility of re-opening, and was informed that an approach has been made by one interested party in the East Keswick/ Bardsey area.

Ms Webb explained that the closure of the Post Office had exacerbated problems for the shop, already in slow decline for a period of 5 years, and currently running at a loss .The village shop is not well supported by the village as a whole and her most loyal customers are the elderly and those without private transport. The shop, in her opinion, is not viable without the addition of the Post Office.  After 18 years, she feels the need for a rest herself and cannot envisage carrying on alone any longer than the end of November. She wants to close down and re-furbish and then put the business on the market. Cllrs made various suggestions. It was suggested  that it would be preferable to sell the lease before closure but this was not thought to be appropriate or feasible . The Chairman offered to raise the matter with RAY, whose meetings she hopes to attend on the following evening. Cllr Priestley offered to approach a villager who was in practice as a business property specialist  and the Council will try to get it listed as a village asset. Ms. Webb was assured by the Cllrs that they will try help in any way possible.

2. Assets adjoining Highway. Sylvia Pinkney attended part of the meeting to explain the work she has done for the Council in drawing up a list of Highway assets, with accompanying photographs. She was thanked for the amount of work this had entailed.

3. Painting of Railings near Beck The 2 posts have been painted but not the actual railings which are currently covered in vegetation which would require cutting back before any painting could be done. It was agreed that as these are scarcely visible no further effort should be made to have them painted.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. The Council has received confirmation that work will commence shortly.

5. Neighbourhood Plan and List of Assets. Arrangements are in hand for the village consultation on Saturday and Sunday 21-22 , 11am – 2.30 pm. Based on the responses received they will draft the Neighbourhood Plan .Cllr Batty had read in the Press that Thorner PC is planning to declare its pub, The Fox, a Village Asset for inclusion in the scheme associated with Neighbourhood Plans. This allows villages to compile lists of lands and buildings which the community values enough to consider purchasing in the future if they were put on the market. If approved by the Local Authority for inclusion, these assets would be offered in the first instance to the community for possible purchase. Cllr Batty considered that East Keswick should compile such a list and he had e mailed Cllrs with a list of suggestions, added to later by Cllr Priestley. The list was again supplemented at the meeting. The Clerk was asked to check with Ian McKay, LCC, about whom to contact and exactly what assets would be eligible for inclusion.

6.  Annual Report. This is in hand.

7. Cutting of Verges in Village by Continental Landscapes and new Proposals from WLT for Outer Village Verge  Management. There is nothing further to report, other than to make the WLT aware that farmers need annually to cut verges close to the hedges to get rid of the weeds.

8 Annual Lease Agreement with Mr Cooke and Vacating of Bull Pound on October 31st. The Clerk had drawn up copies of the annual agreement which were signed by herself and the Chairman.

9.Caravan at 12 Church Drive. This has been moved, but is now on the road. 

10.Clearance of Gullies. This has been dealt with.

11.Grass Verge outside new properties on Cleavesty Lane Cllr Ogden had distributed notices and no further parking has taken place on the grass.

12. State of Sports Club. Cllr Priestley has contacted Harry Moores. He learnt that David Cooke had sold the land to the Sports Association and it is held in trust by 4 trustees, all still alive but not all living in the village. Harry is one of them. In the event of the club failing, the land reverts to the Parish Council. Their present income comes mainly from rent from Collingham Sports Association who use the grounds at weekends. The Association is solvent . It was agreed the dialogue would continue with Mr.Moores who will try and provide paperwork dealing with the original purchase.

13. Replacement Picnic Table. The Clerk had obtained an alternative quotation for a heavy  duty picnic table from Sustainable Furniture in Cornwall. Their 6 ‘bench costs £325 (incl. VAT)  + £35 anchor kit + £50 delivery.= £410. A replacement Anchor Fast bench costs £390 + £66.50 delivery, clamps at £14.00 per clamp , plus VAT. Cllr Gibbs considered that the Cornish table would not be sufficiently strong and offered to look for an alternative.

14. Bridge over Wharfe. An e mail had been received from Dennis Corn reporting that the latest notice to appear near the bridge informs the public that it will be closed to the public until September 14 2014. This once again extends the closure period. Dennis considers that NYCC ‘s lethargy in dealing with the bridge repair is exacerbated by the failure of LCC to act. He thinks that Cllr Matthew Robinson’s efforts to progress matters would be better directed to LCC rather than to NYCC. A later e mail was received from Walter Lewis supporting this view. Council agreed to put this suggestion to Cllr Robinson, to inform Alec Shelbrooke of the new date for re-opening of the bridge, and to ask the Ramblers Association via Steven Wood whether any further pressure could be brought to bear on NYCC. The Chairman would also seek advice from RAY.

15. Oak Tree in Marsh. Mr Lapish has approved work on this.

16. Arrangements for Remembrance Service. Beryl Coster has made arrangements for the taking of the service, the order of service, and the wreath. The new Methodist Minister, Amy Walters, is willing to take the service but may be slightly late due to the distance she will have to travel from her previous service. It was agreed to invite Chris Puckrin also.

17. Emptying of Bins in Crabtree Lane car park. Mick Johnson of Cleansing has agreed to have these emptied once a week.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13 /03711- Linden House, Lumby Lane – Ext.

(b) 13/03856 – Limestones, Harewood Road – Det. Storage Building

It was resolved to make no objection to these applications.

2. Traveller’s Rest – The Clerk had learnt that this is definitely going ahead as a nursery.  The work has yet to go out to tender, but the owner hopes to open next Easter.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) GGS – Garden Maintenance                                  702.98                                702.98

(b) PKF Littlejohn – Audit of Accounts                         100.00              20.00         120.00

(c) Dr DS Pinkney – Photos to accompany assets          9.40                                    9.40


It was resolved to pay the bills listed above.

2. Completion of Annual Audit by Littlejohns. The Clerk reported that the accounts had been approved by the External Examiners without comment.


1. RAY Networking Event and AGM – Pannal Village Hall – 12th October 10- 1pm Noted.

2. Replacement for Elizabeth Ward on Crime Prevention Panel .It was agreed to ask Mr Walter Lewis and to advertise on the website.

3. Chris Whitewick and Mobile Unit in Crabtree Lane car park. It had been observed that a number of advertising notices had appeared, some of them on trees. Cllr Ogden agreed to ask that these be removed.

4. Letter re Change of Status for Bardsey School .Bardsey is to become a Trust School linked with Deighton Gates and Primrose Lane Primary Schools. This was noted. Cllrs did not feel qualified to respond to the accompanying questionnaire.

5. E mail from Shadwell Clerk re Snow Clearance The Clerk is e mailing other Councils to find out whether there are any local farmers who would be willing to clear snow from side roads in the area. The Clerk agreed to ask Andrew Ward whether he had still got any plans for his firm to help with this work. John Hemingway is also to be asked.

6. E mail from Robert Clayton, Conservative Group LCC, reporting initiative taken by Cllr Matthew Robinson re banning HGVs from using A659 Harewood to Collingham. No one was willing to take part in the suggested photo shoot.




1. Weeds in Playground Cllr Priestley asked that GGS spray some weed killer where necessary, but particularly in the bark area.

2. Dog Mess on Path across Marsh. Cllr Ogden had observed this. The only solution would be to put up notices at both ends of the path.

3. Condition of Crabtree Lane car park – It was agreed to ask Highways whether they could fill in the large hole where water collects.

4. Van on Crabtree Lane car park .Someone had been observed selling flowers from a van on Saturday at 3pm. It was agreed to monitor this.

5. Litter at end of Moor Lane A kind resident who collects litter from the road has noted that this area is heavily littered, especially near to the entrance to the Sports Club and especially towards the end of the week. It was agreed to mention this to the Sports Club.

6. Boundary Stone The East Keswick boundary stone north of the bridge over the beck down Barney Lane has been knocked over and slightly damaged .It is hidden away in the undergrowth. Sylvia Pinkney asked whether it could be replaced in situ. Council agreed to contact Mr Hyland.


Signed :-



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