POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM No Police or residents attended. PC Sue Broadwell phoned the Clerk the following day to apologise and provide the crime figures. There were 2 thefts non specific during the month – one of them the picnic table.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning ,Batty, Pentith,,Gibbs and Warren.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Priestley and Ogden.


The Chairman declared an interest in MA 5 and Correspondence 3.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  JULY 16TH 2013 These were approved. Cllr Warren

said that a resident had been concerned about an item in the minutes. Cllrs confirmed that the minutes were correct and any concerned resident should contact the Clerk in future. Cllr Warren suggested that the minutes should not appear on the internet until approved by the PC at the next meeting. Cllr Batty said that this was his normal practice.


1. Closure of Bridge over Wharfe .Dennis Corn had e mailed the Clerk on a number of occasions during the month commencing on 11August. On that day he had walked to the bridge and re-read the notice of closure clearly stating that the duration would be from 05/04 to 14/09 ,during which time it was ‘envisaged ‘ that necessary repair work would be completed. As this date is in sight he suggested that the PC write to NYCC asking what plan has been formulated and will it meet the deadline. We should also point out that another tree trunk has lodged itself under the damaged stanchion , possibly causing further damage. With the agreement of the PC the Clerk then wrote to NYCC along these lines. The PROW Leader on NYCC replied that the borehole survey work was due for completion in days and the original closure notice will be extended for a further 6 months. Some temporary protection works at the base of the piers is planned to meet  an occurrence like that of the tree.  Mr Corn relayed this correspondence to the Ramblers Association, who, in turn pointed out that if an Authority failed to carry out prescribed works within the legal time limit they could be compelled to do so by a magistrate’s court order. Later e mails from Mr Corn suggested further action from the PC who should now determine how far to pursue the matter themselves or  place the matter in the hands of LCC. He recommended another approach to NYCC stating the concern felt at the stated intention to seek renewal of closure for a further 6 months.They should also ask for detailed information on what has been done to date and how this has influenced their plans for repair in the foreseeable future.

Council agreed to write back asking for an update on progress and deploring the time taken to date and the decision to extend the closure period for a further 6 months. Copies are to be sent to Matthew Robinson, Alec Shelbrooke MP, Nigel Adams, MP for NY, and the Ramblers Association.

2. Assets adjoining Highway. Sylvia Pinkney is in process of completing this.

3. Painting of Road Bridge over Beck This has been partially done. The Chairman will check on the remainder of the work.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. Work is likely to commence in September.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Batty has been successful in obtaining a grant of approximately £3,600, less 10% held back pro tem. The grant is to cover work required up to the consultation period and should not be used for expenses already incurred ,but does not rule out the possibility  a further grant following the consultation. This will take place on Saturday 21st September and Sunday 22nd between 11 and 3.30 on both days. The dance will still be held on the Saturday evening but the gala idea has been abandoned when the high cost of hiring the village hall was learnt. Cllr Batty attempted to intervene on behalf of the Playground group and succeeded in getting the amount reduced. The costs of Hall hire will be paid for by the NP group. Posters advertising events will be placed round the village.

6. Annual Report. Cllr Batty said that he had sent the draft to Cllr Priestley for approval.

7. Cutting of Verges in Village by Continental Landscapes and new Proposals from WLT for Outer Village Verge Management. The letter from the Council was not well received by the WLT, and in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, Sylvia Pinkney, wrote back expressing their concerns ,and providing further details of the approaches made to Continental Landscapes and their attempts to keep the Council informed of their ideas. The PC Chairman had a meeting with Melanie Smith and Sylvia Pinkney and attempted to reach an understanding with them. She and the Clerk then composed a letter in reply to that of Mrs Pinkney, setting out their view on how the new policy on grass cutting in the village might better have been conducted, but stressing the need to work together in future. Cllrs approved the letter.

At the meeting with Melanie Smith and Sylvia Pinkney the Chairman was given details of the plans of the WLT. On Lumby Lane and Moor Lane next year they wish to leave  small bays cut back to the hedge and raked to help reduce dense grass growth.  They subsequently sent the PC a map of preferred locations. They then wish to plant plugs of wildflowers which in turn will grow and seed the verges. They would then organise a day in autumn for volunteers to collect the recently mown long grass ,using machines belonging to the Smiths. Melanie plans to accompany Cllrs when the trial area in the car park is discussed with Mark Hullah who will cut the area. Cllrs agreed to these proposals.

8 Sight lines at end of Crabtree Lane The hedge has been cut and the sight lines are now adequate.

9. Tree Work in Crabtree Lane Car Park. Andrew Ward has carried out the necessary work.

10. Further Work on Memorial Trees. Mark Hullah has dealt with this.

11.Caravan at 12 Church Drive. The Clerk has written to the owners.

12. State of Sports Club. There is nothing to report.

13. Flyers in Newsletters. Claire Tapp, Editor of the Newsletter, had written to the Council explaining that she requires prior knowledge about flyers to be included with newsletters. Cllr Priestley had replied that the Council rarely requested this.

14. Proposals from  Playground Group Emma Wren had written regretting that neither she nor any of her colleagues would be available to attend the next PC meeting due to holiday arrangements. She explained that they had decided against trying to organise a village gala to coincide with the NP Open Day, but  still have 2 fundraising events planned for the autumn, and consider a gala at some time in the future would be desirable.

15. Report on Walk in Marsh on July 24th. Debbie Lord, Secretary of EKWT, had written a report of the walk attended by the Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the PC and some members of the WLT. Melanie Smith had explained that a £4,000 grant had been obtained and used to pay a contractor to work alongside the volunteer work group. They had re-dug the 3 ponds, felled some trees, and cut back on invasive and non-native species. They have also applied for Higher Level Stewardship for the marsh. If successful it might be possible to graze certain areas although permission from the PC would be required and public access for all would be maintained.

16. Clearance of Gullies. Apart from the one outside the Star(passed to Highways for attention) these have all been cleared according to John Woolmer.  Cllrs, however, considered that further clearance is required and the Clerk was asked to write to Cleansing again.

17. Grass Verge outside new properties on Cleavesty Lane. This has been re-seeded and reinstated but cars are continuing to park on it. The Chairman wondered whether a sign would deter people. It was pointed out that this would constitute fly tipping. She instead intends to ask the owners of the new houses if the PC can borrow the small signs that they have used to deter parking on their drives.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13/ 02833 – Cleavesty Centre – Det. House and Garage.

It was resolved to make no objection but to suggest stone rather than timber cladding to the garage block and south elevations.



(a) 13/02531 – 2, The Grove – Ext. – Permitted Development.




4. App. 13/02596 A considerable amount of work has been done on this property which has not yet received planning permission. The Clerk has written to Enforcement asking them to check. Cllr Gibbs, however, said that the work carried out to date was permitted development.

5. E mails between Mr Cobbold and Cllr Priestley.  Mr Cobbold had written asking why the PC had opposed his application for an agricultural worker’s dwelling when they had not objected to the earlier one. He said that he would have welcomed the opportunity to attend a PC meeting to explain about his application. Mr Cobbold had received a reply from Cllr Priestley providing an explanation. No further response had been received.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) EKVH – Rent – PC Meetings                                  51.25                                   51.25

(b) EKVH – Rent NP Meetings                                     51.30                                   51.30

(c)Bardsey Tree Services – Crabtree Car Park Work 500.00              100.00        600.00

(d) CPRE – Subs.                                                         29.00                                   29.00

(e) EKVH – Advance payment for NP event               100.00                                 100.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.

2. Proposed changes to Clerks’ Salaries. A 1% rise in salaries for Clerks has been recommended by YLCA.

It was resolved to pay the increase.



1. Position of Filing Cabinet in Village Hall The Council has been informed by the Village Hall Committee that this has now been moved to the upstairs room as the VH office is to be converted into a cloakroom.

2. Disappearance of Picnic Table from Crabtree Lane car park. The table appears to have been stolen overnight. The Clerk has informed Zurich Insurance who have asked for 2 quotations. She has obtained one and is attempting to obtain a second one.

3.Disputed boundary of Ellerker Fields The Council has received a letter from John Roe suggesting that the PC  act as mediators in settling this problem. The Wildlife Trust believe that some property owners on The Paddock have encroached on to the land they have recently bought from Mr Brill. The residents concerned claim that the land was given them by the previous land owner, Mr Watson. As the land is green belt and LCC have already been advised of the problem, the Council considers that it cannot act in the manner requested and the matter must be settled by solicitors.

4. Closure of Post Office. The Council were very disappointed to receive a letter from Royal Mail informing them that, from the end of August, the PO will close unless another postmaster/ mistress can be found. The Chairman discussed the matter with Diane, the retiring postmistress, who explained the reasons for giving in her notice. The basic reason is declining use of the PO, caused largely by people’s greater use of the internet.  Hazel, the shop keeper, will attempt to keep the shop side of the business going for a few months but does not expect it to survive for long without the PO trade. It was agreed to write thanking Diane for her years of service and to the PO asking whether they could recommend any way of keeping the office open. Hazel is to be invited to the next meeting to discuss the future of the shop.

5. Bottle Bank. The VHC have informed the Council that they have made a unanimous decision to have this facility removed from the VH car park, as nearby residents have complained of the noise made by the dumping of bottles at anti social hours. The Council discussed whether there was an alternative site for a bottle bank in the village. Crabtree Lane car park was discussed.but it was finally agreed not to replace the current bottle bank anywhere in the village.

6.Proposed Road Changes on A659 .The Assistant Engineer Traffic Manager had written explaining that due to the number of road accidents and speed of traffic on the road, signage was to be improved. Existing warning signs are to be upgraded and in some cases enlarged and 4 unnecessary ones removed. Cats eyes are to be introduced into sections of the road not already covered by them. The general aim is to improve road safety.

7. Local Wildlife Survey in Marsh by W.Y. Ecology and LCC . Permission to conduct this survey in the Marsh was requested and granted by the PC between meetings.

8. Attention to Oak Tree on boundary of the  Marsh and Church Drive It had been explained on the Marsh walk that a Church Drive resident considered the tree needed attention. Cllr Anning had later discussed this with David Smith of the WLT, who had disagreed. It was decided to ask the view of Richard Lapish of LCC.

9. Annual Playground Inspection. This has again been booked with Wicksteed Leisure.

10. Date for October Meeting The Chairman requested that this should be changed to October 22nd, due to holiday arrangements. This was agreed.

11. Arrangements for Remembrance Service at War Memorial. Cllr Pentith will make arrangements for the Methodist Minister to take the service if she is available.

12. Good Cllr Guide- Updated .It was agreed to order one copy for the newest Cllr.

13. E mail from John Sheret, Sub postmaster Shadwell  PO .The Sub postmaster had written sympathising with the village over the forthcoming closure of the EK PO but pointing out that PO facilities in his village were available as an alternative.

14. Telephone call from resident of Wharfe Rein re Newsletter Distribution. The resident had telephoned the Clerk complaining that as part of East Keswick, residents of Wharfe Rein should receive a copy of the  newsletter to keep them informed of village activities. They regularly receive the Collingham newsletter. The Clerk explained the problem re the difference between the Parish and the Ecclesiastical boundary and the refusal of the PCC to pay for distribution of the newsletter beyond the Ecclesiastical boundary. The resident remained unconvinced and offered  to distribute copies in her road. It was agreed to ask the lady to visit the shop and pick up the surplus copies there.

15. RAY AGM – 12th October. This was noted.

16. Parish and Town Council Forum – 6th September and Annual Forum – January 24. 6.30 to 9pm. These dates were also noted.

17. Suggestion from Stephen Wood ,Ramblers Association, for Riverside Walk from Woodhall Bridge parallel to A659. Stephen Wood suggested that ROW again be approached about implementing this long cherished plan to create a riverside walk parallel to the A659, to correspond with the re-opening of the bridge over the river, whenever that occurred.

18. Unemptied Bins in Crabtree Lane car park The Chairman asked the Clerk to make inquiries with Parks & Countryside, who emptied these bins on an irregular basis before their budget was cut a few years ago, about the possibility of the PC paying P & C to have them emptied. She had received a reply from Sarah Spence, on behalf of the manager, Bob Bradley, that this would not be an economic proposal and the PC would be better approaching Cleansing ,who are in the area weekly. Mick Jones agreed that they could be emptied next day but a more permanent arrangement is required. The Clerk will speak to John Woolmer after his holiday.

Signed :



EKPC August 13 Mins.


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