POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM PCSO Alan Stead reported that 2 crimes had occurred during the last month – all thefts.


David and Melanie Smith spoke of their ideas for increasing the wildflower potential of the roadside verges by reducing the amount of grass cutting . (See M/A 7).


Cllr Matthew Robinson attended to discuss the Site Allocations for Housing by LCC. He discussed the Headley Hall new village possibility and the Carter Jonas plans for housing off Harewood Road ,and urged everyone to write in with their comments .

After he left, the Council agreed to write to Planning, opposing any further development of the A659 and supporting the Headley Hall proposal.

PRESENT Cllrs Anning, Batty, Priestley, Gibbs, Warren and Pentith .



MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  JUNE 11TH 2013 These were approved.


1. Closure of Bridge over Wharfe. There had been no further official information received during the last month. Melanie Smith reported on the increasing amount of vandalism occurring in Ox Close Wood ,arising from people’s inability to walk beyond this point and cross the bridge. She had been told by one of the engineers that NYCC is expected to pay the full cost of repair and does not have the resources to do so.  Cllr Robinson said that he was using his best endeavours to persuade N.Yorks to move the matter forward but was increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress. It was agreed to write again to NYCC and to advise them of the vandalism ,and inquire about progress during this hot settled spell of weather when the river must be at its calmest.

2. Assets adjoining Highway. Sylvia Pinkney is dealing with this.

3. Painting of Road Bridge over Beck The Clerk was asked to remind Mr Hobbs about supplying an estimate.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. It was proposed Cllr Priestley, seconded Cllr Gibbs, and resolved unanimously that the Council should accept the quotation from BTCV of £1,800 (incl. VAT) for laying the path, with all materials required supplied by LCC ROW.

Cllrs Anning and Pentith had met Dougie Weston (BTCV) and Roger Brookes (ROW) on site and discussed the actual line of the path. The work will probably be carried out in early September. Council agreed that limestone would be the most suitable material.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. A number of letters had been received from residents in response to the leaflet circulated by the Council re the possibility of further development off the A659 within the East Keswick boundary. All correspondents opposed such development. As there has still been no official confirmation that East Keswick has been accepted for the production of a NP, the Clerk was asked to check on this. Cllr Batty said that a grant application had been submitted .He had informed Cllrs between meetings that the VHC has offered to make a slightly reduced offer for use of the VH over the Gala weekend and will now accept rent of £666. Plans for a gala have, however, now changed .The Playground Group would like to postpone this to a later occasion but to continue with plans for a fund raising dance on the Saturday evening. The NP consultation will still be taking place on Sunday 22nd September. It was agreed to ask someone from the Playground Group to attend the next PC meeting to inform the Council of how events are progressing. They are hoping that the Council will underwrite the activity, but a grant towards it is more likely to be agreed on.

6. Report on Collingham Consultative Weekend on SHLAA site proposals from LCC Cllrs Anning and Batty had attended the open weekend. This had been well organised and Carter Jonas had been displaying plans for the Harewood Road sites.

7. Cutting of Verges in Village by Continental Landscapes. Melanie Smith attended the meeting to report on behalf of EKWT on proposed changes to grass cutting in the village. She apologised for instructing Continental Landscapes about changes  wanted by the EKWT  before first finding out the reaction of the Council. They propose that verges on Moor Lane, Lumby .Lane and parts of Crabtree Lane car park and verge opposite it should receive the “new treatment “whereby  swathes would be left uncut to encourage the growth of wildflowers. Cllrs pointed out that villagers to whom they had spoken did not like to see long uncut grass and preferred a “tidy” village.

After they had left the meeting the matter was discussed further. Cllrs were generally  not in favour but agreed to a pilot scheme for the apex of the car park on Crabtree Lane only. Cllr Priestley will draft an agreement. Mark Hullah and Continental Landscapes are to be informed.

8 Annual Rent for Bull Pound. Mr Cooke has accepted the increase in the rent.

9. Tree Work in Crabtree Lane Car Park. As this work was considered urgent, agreement was reached by e mail between meetings to accept the quotation from Bardsey Tree Services to undertake all the work agreed on for £500 + VAT. They will undertake the work on July 18th.

10. Further Work on Memorial Trees. Mark Hullah is to be asked to remove ivy and other growth obscuring the name plates from the trees.

11. Failure by Street Cleansing to empty Post Mounted Bins on part of Moor Lane. This has been reported to Cllr Pentith and carried out belatedly after being reported to Cleansing. They are to be asked to ensure that these bins with white liners are emptied regularly.

12. State of Sports Club. There was nothing to report.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13/02919 – Moat House, Moor Lane – Exts.

(b) 13/02531- 2 The Grove- Ext.

(c) 13/02596 – Heathfield Cottage – Exts.

(d) 13/02487 - Two Hoots Farm App. – 4 Bed. Ag. Worker’s Dwelling

It was resolved to make no objection to (a),(b)or (c Neighbour comments to be taken into account), but, as stated at June meeting, to object to (d). Cllr Priestley has drafted a reply to (d) which the Clerk will send to LCC.



(a) 12/05184 – 10 St Mary’s Garth – New first floor to form house.

(b) 13/01656 – 20 Rose Croft – Exts.

(c) 13/01902 – 22 Allerton Drive – Cons.


3. Development at Foxhill – Cllr Gibbs asked the Council to write to LCC about this property where the building has been virtually demolished . He is aware that Enforcement  are already dealing with it but thought the PC should ask that work be terminated at once.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a)Rigton Print – Newsletter Inserts (NP)                      35.00                                  35.00

(b) Clerk’s Salary and Expenses                                 653.15                                653.15

(c) PAYE                                                                      155.08                                155.08


It was resolved to pay all bills listed above.



1. Advertising Notices posted around village and Keys to Noticeboard The Chairman considered that the number of notices was increasing and some were displayed in inappropriate places and frequently not removed after the event. A request for their removal should be made via the website and newsletter. The Clerk had received a request fro the WI for their own keys to the noticeboard. It was agreed to permit this.

2. Flyers in Village Newsletter. Claire Tapp had complained that the Council had not made an advance request for distribution of the flyers which accompanied the last newsletter. Cllr Priestley is to draft a suitable reply.

3. Letter from Maureen Burrell re costs of new playground proposals. Mrs Burrell said that she did not object in principle to the playground extension into the land bordering her property but asked whether this would be covered by PC insurance and hoped the climbing frame would not be too near to her fence. It was agreed to write back stating that arrangements would remain as before and the Playgroup informed about the climbing frame.

4. Complaint re untidy hedge and restriction of footpath caused by presence of large caravan and tow bar at 12 Church Drive. The neighbours considered that the hedge had been allowed to grow too high and the caravan, aesthetically unattractive, was resulting in pedestrians with buggies and wheel chairs having insufficient room to pass, The Clerk was asked to report the complaint about the caravan to the householder and ask how long it is likely to remain at the house. They considered the hedge height acceptable.

5. Problem with sight lines exiting East Keswick from Crabtree Lane towards Collingham The width of the hedge and the length of the grass verge are contributing to making this a dangerous exit on to the A659 at this time of year. The Clerk to report to Highways .

6. Annual Report Cllr Batty would like ideas for inclusion.




1. Report on Forum Meeting Cllrs Pentith and Anning had attended the last meeting where they had listened to reports on the Elmet Partnership for Schools, the work done by John Woolmer’s  Dept.(hard copies available)and the possibility of a Lengthman to serve the whole area .

2. Unpleasant  Smell Cllr Warren had reported this, thought to be from New Laithe Farm, to the Environment. The same smell had been noted by Jake Fowler.

3. Parish Walks :-

First had been attended by 16 people and 1 dog, the second by 7 1/2  people and a few dogs.

Matters arising to report for attention:-

· Nettles on Fitts Lane path

· Double stile at Field House Farm in unstable condition.

4. Further Footpath Matters noted by Cllr Gibbs to be reported to ROW:-

· Access on to Moor Lane from pig farm where crops are growing over footpath

· Footpath from St Mary’s Garth to Moor Lane across Dalby field – Impossible to walk

· Grass around Stiles on Footpath from Moor Lane to Lumby Lane which needs clearing.

4. Problem on Verge on Cleavesty Lane near new houses. Residents had noted some tarmac laying and feared that the grass verge would not be restored. The Chairman had, however, visited the scene, spoken to Brian Clink (Park Lane Homes), and received reassurance that the tarmac was some surplus to be laid at the side and the grass verge would be restored by the firm.





EKPC July 13 Mins.



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