POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM There was no Police attendance. 4 members of the NP Steering Committee attended to hear the ideas presented by Paul Leeming.

PRESENT Cllrs Batty, Pentith, Priestley, Gibbs and Warren.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Anning and Ogden.  The meeting was taken by the Vice-Chairman, Cllr Batty.


On behalf of the absent new Chairman and all other members of the Council, Cllr Batty wished to record grateful thanks to the previous Chairman, Cllr Priestley, for his many years of dedicated service .


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  MAY 21st 2013 These were approved.

VISIT FROM PAUL LEEMING OF CARTER JONAS TO DISCUSS POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENT OFF HAREWOOD ROAD. Mr Leeming began by updating the council on the site selection process by LCC – open to public response until 29th July. In connection with this, Collingham Steering Committee is inviting residents to Consultation Days on 29/30 June . Carter Jonas is the agent for the Lady Betty Hastings Trust which owns 3 areas in the Collingham area. Two of these sites are within the Collingham boundary, and whilst the Collingham SC has approved of one, LCC has shown preference for the other.  The area outside the Collingham boundary and within East Keswick has not yet been submitted to LCC and is therefore not included in the site selection survey. However, the Trust considers that it would be suitable for development and could in total accommodate approx. 100 properties. The local landowners are allegedly in favour of such development. Mr Leeming intends to put forward a possible housing scheme for the area at the Collingham Consultation Day.


After Mr Leeming had left the meeting Janet Thornton explained to the Council that the NP Committee has joined forces with the Playground Group for a joint venture over the weekend of September 21/22, incorporating a village gala and the NP presentation. She asked whether the playground committee, as a partner with the NP group, could be given the status of a sub committee of the PC and apply for funding. Council did not foresee any objection .


After all visitors had left, the whole subject and the gala proposal were discussed by the PC. The general view , as also expressed by the members of the NP group present at the discussion, is that development on the fields in East Keswick would lead to creeping development between Collingham and East Keswick. The Chairman asked whether the PC should contact the residents in the “outer reaches” of the village who would be affected by the new housing proposals.  It was finally agreed that Cllr Batty would prepare a leaflet advising them of the forthcoming meeting and providing a map of the area within East Keswick where housing is proposed. This should take the form of a leaflet and should be distributed to all householders in the area affected- all those living to the East of Crabtree Lane car park (50 approx). He will also prepare a leaflet to be printed by Rigton Print for distribution with the Newsletter to all other EK residents for distribution on Friday.


1. Closure of Bridge over Wharfe. There has been considerable correspondence on this subject between meetings. A letter drafted by Mr Dennis Corn and adapted by Cllr Priestley , asking for further information on the timetable for bridge repairs and reasons for the current closure to pedestrians,  was sent to N.Yorks, LCC ROW Dept, and Ward Cllrs. Cllr Batty also contacted Alec Shelbrooke MP. Responses have been received from the latter, from Cllrs Castle and Robinson , Bob Buckenham (ROW LCC) and from N.Yorks.. Sicklinghall PC have also been raising the subject. N.Yorks hope to commence repair work in October 2013 ,to take 8 weeks. Cllrs considered that there was no more they could usefully do at present but that the Clerk should check on progress in time to report back to the Council at its next meeting.

2. Assets adjoining Highway. Sylvia Pinkney is willing to undertake this.

3. Painting of Bridges over Wharfe. Billy Hobson has painted the bridge over the beck but not the road bridge. Before this can be painted some work needs to be done on the hedge adjoining the railings. This is believed to be the responsibility of the owner of Brookside who has been contacted by the Clerk.  Mr Hobson will then be asked to paint the road bridge and the Clerk will ask Bardsey PC to pay half the cost.

4. Path adjoining Tennis Courts. Cllr Gibbs met Dougie Watson of BTCV to obtain another quotation for a path. He has quoted a total of (1800, incl VAT) for labour, on the assumption that LCC will supply all materials. It was agreed that the Clerk would check with ROW on the supply of all materials. The Tennis Club will be asked to contribute to costs.

It was agreed that when BTCV is present they will be asked to comment on a problem identified by wheelchair and pushchair users of steps, rather than a ramp, on the section of the path in the marsh where it goes over a drain.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. The Chairman reported that a series of sub committee meetings is being held to draft the content for the display boards for the NP. The Clerk was asked to check on whether the PC Public Liability Policy would be sufficient cover the gala. The cost quoted by the VHC for this is currently £855. The Chairman considers this is negotiable. If the PC initially pays for the gala costs it should be on the understanding that any profit should be returned to them and a donation then made to the Playground Committee. If there is a loss, the PC will stand it, although it is possible that some costs may be offset from a  grant to be applied for by the NP committee.

6. Report on Walk round Quarry with EKWT and EKWT Verges Project. 4 Cllrs had attended the walk round the Quarry and Cllr Pentith and the Clerk had attended the meeting on verges. During the quarry walk the EKWT had suggested cutting more paths to make it more available to the public,and Cllr Gibbs had suggested exposing more of the original limestone.  The Wildlife Trust has already asked Continental Landscapes to cut back a smaller swathe on the village verges, but there has been general confusion about interpretation and failure to keep Mark Hullah and residents informed.EKT want to see only one cut per year. Melanie Smith has asked to attend the next PC meeting to discuss verges and it was agreed to invite her.

7. Cold Calling Zone in East Keswick. PCSO Tiff Greenwood has suggested that Rose Croft could be a suitable location. Cllrs considered that there had been no demand from villagers for this proposal and agreed to tell the PCSO this.

8. Broken Step on Path from The Grove to Moor Lane. Cllr Gibbs will check whether this has been done.

9. Gullies/ Gutters in need of clearance. Most have been cleared but the Clerk was asked to mention one on the bend at the top of Whitegate which is full.

10. Bin newly installed at entrance to Marsh. Cleansing have agreed to empty this but have said that they can add no further bins to their schedule.

11. Annual Rent for Bull Pound. This was raised from £80 to £85 in 2001.

It was resolved to request a payment of £100 pa from November 1st 2013.

12. Hedge Cutting at Main Street end of the Ginnel to Church Drive. The Clerk had spoken to the resident who has agreed to cut the hedge at the end of the bird nesting season. She was asked to remind him to have it cut hard back.

13. Stiles and Footpaths in need of attention .It was agreed to check on exact details on the Parish Walks.

14. Complaint from Farmers re Problems with Hedge Cutting on Roads with Multiple Road Signs Steve Parry had responded , pointing out that landowners have a legal duty to ensure that boundary hedges are cut back under  section 154 of the Highway Act and cannot make an excuse about the inconvenience caused by road signs. In the event of an accident involving a vehicle, pedestrian or horse rider where the obscured sign was a factor, they would be liable to prosecution.



1.New applications:-

13/ 02487 – Land adj. to Two Hoots Farm – 4 Bed. Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling

It was resolved to object to this.



(a) 13/ 01003 – 11A The Paddock – Exts.



(a) 13/ 01070 – Limestones, Harewod Road – Storage Building .


4. Enforcement – The Clerk was asked to approach Enforcement about Park Lane Homes failure to reinstate the verge on Cleavesty Lane




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) RAY – Subs.                                                             35.00                                35.00

(b) EKVH – Rent for NP meetings                                 77.00                                 77.00

(c)EKVH – Rent for PC meetings                                  51.25                                 51.25

(d) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance                           702.98                               702.98

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


2. Clerk’s PAYE The Clerk reported that all PAYE cheques for the previous year have now been received by the Bank and she produced written confirmation that all work has now been completed for 2012-3. All PAYE contributions for 2013-4 have also been worked out.

3. Annual Financial Statement for Littlejohns. All proof of completion of PAYE work for 2012-3 has been passed to the Internal Auditor who has now completed his section of the Document, and the Clerk has submitted it to Littlejohns.

4. Accounts and Trustees Report from EKWT.  These have been received and will be circulated.



1. New Fencing at Inglenook The Clerk had received a complaint from a resident about the colour of the new fencing which was thought inappropriate in the conservation area. Council agreed to take no action.

2. Report from Wildlife Trust on Landscape Aspects of Crabtree Lane Car Park and Memorial Garden. Melanie Smith has written to the Council highlighting an area of preferred non cutting of the grass at Crabtree Lane Car Park which she had previously discussed with Cllrs Gibbs and Pentith. A dead Whitebeam and an Ash in urgent need of attention were marked on the accompanying map of the car park. Another map identified the area in the Memorial Garden which the Trust preferred as a non cut area. The Clerk is to ring David Smith about the tree work and then obtain quotations for the work.



1. Request from new Clerk at Thorner for co-operation with other NP groups in the area

The Chairman said that he had replied agreeing to co-operate.

2. Clearance of Rubbish and State of Sports Club Cllr Priestley reported that a resident of Moor Lane who had been working independently on the recent Litter Pick had commented on the amount of rubbish at the Sports Club and asked whether a rubbish bin could be provided. Council considered this was a matter for the Sports Club Committee, Cllr Priestley went on to comment on the lack of information available about the Club and its constitution. It was agreed to contact Harry Moores. It would be useful to ascertain whether, in the event of the Club failing, the land would go into PC ownership. He would check on old minutes to see whether this had ever been recorded.

3. Message from Jim Dedicoat re Transport The problems of the bus timetable have largely been resolved but some drivers have complained about being unable to see people waiting at City Square stop ,due to vegetation . The Chairman will mention this to the garden owner.





EKPC June 13 Mins.


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