POLICE REPORT There had been no crime in the last month.

A later report on the end of year figures for East Keswick was sent to the Clerk and circulated to Cllrs. This reported :- 5 burglaries of dwellings, 4 criminal damage, 1 drug offence, 1 theft from a MV, and 1 theft non specific.


PRESENT Cllrs Priestley, Anning, Pentith, Ogden, Batty and Gibbs.

APOLOGIES Cllr Warren.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  MARCH 19th 2013 These were approved.


1. Leaf clearance from Ginnel footpath. The path now appears to be in a satisfactory condition.

2.Placement of Surplus Refuse Bin at Marsh and Dog Notices. These are still awaited.

3. Track from A659 to River Wharfe. Roger Brookes had replied, pointing out that there was a far more serious problem – the closure of the bridge. (see MA 11)

4. Broadband. The Clerk had once again inquired about this. The Cllrs attending the Forum meeting next week will make further inquiries.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllrs Priestley and Batty had attended the group meeting held on 9.4.13. Cllr Batty has agreed to be the Chairman and Cllr Priestley to act as an adviser and to help draft a constitution/ terms of reference. The group has now completed its discussions on topics for inclusion in the NP. They will hold a few additional sessions, possibly in a pub, during the summer, possibly with speakers.  The group hopes to have a village exhibition to gauge interest in late September, with some additional social context like a hog roast or treasure hunt.

6. Condition of Village seats .Mark Hullah is willing to undertake this work and would like a list of the village seats. This will be available after the survey of highway assets is carried out.

7. List of PC Assets adjoining Highway. Sylvia Pinkney has agreed to carry this out with the help of Cllr Anning. The Chairman suggested that, in addition, it would be helpful if the PC compiled a general list of its assets.

8. Dates of Parish Walks. The Chairman suggested :-

Monday July 8th for the Short Walk and

Monday July 15th for the Longer Walk.

9. Village Litter Pick. – 4th May. The Clerk had been informed by Cleansing that 10 litter picks (to be returned afterwards), and 50 pairs of none returnable gloves and plastic bags can be made available. Council decided that the date they had previously agreed on was too early and asked the Clerk to inquire whether it could be changed to the following weekend.(May 11th).

10. Painting of Bardsey side of Bridge over Beck. The Clerk will remind Bardsey PC

11. Closure of Bridge over Wharfe. The Clerk had been told officially that the bridge was likely to be closed for repair over a period of months and might not even be repairable. Dennis Corn, however, who frequently uses the route to Sicklinghall, had informed her that repair work has commenced and the bridge may be reopened at the end of the month The problem has been caused by a large tree trunk banging against the bridge for 2 years, causing the river bed to be washed away and loosening the structure of the bridge. The latest information from Roger Brookes (ROW) is that the problem has been referred to NYCC and their response is awaited. The Clerk to ask for futher information at the end of the month.

12. Condition of Bardsey Scout Hut. Cllr Pentith reported that she had talked to the new Cub Scout Leader who is very enthusiastic but knows little about the financial situation and appears to have no help from the District Commissioner. The building itself is in need of major repairs. It was agreed that the PC should not become involved further at this stage.

13. Possibility of re-surfacing of grassed section of path to St Mary’s Garth adjoining Tennis Courts. Roger Brookes (LCC) had replied to the request from the PC  asking whether they intended to carry out the work themselves or whether they wished it to be done by ROW. If the former, ROW could supply the stone. If the latter, they would have to go on a list and would have low priority .Council agreed to keep the Tennis Club informed and to try to get a working party to undertake the work if LCC are able  to supply all materials and hard core free. Cllr Anning offered to ask Paul Hogan of Linton Valley Building Services for an estimate for the work. The Clerk was also asked to check with the Tennis Club as to whether they have completed restitution work at the approach to the courts.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13/ 01070 – Limestones, Harewood Road – Detached Storage Building.

It was resolved to oppose this which is considered inappropriate development in the Green Belt and Special Landscape Area , and would be highly visible from all directions.

It was resolved to object to this application.

(b) 13/ 01003 – 11A The Paddock – Exts.

It was resolved to make no objection to this application.



(a) P/13/00606 – Corner Stones, Cleavesty Lane – Carport, Conservatory &


3. Report of Meeting with Architect on April 4th re Cleavesty.  The Chairman, Vice- Chairman and Cllr Gibbs had met the architect and discussed his latest proposals for a dwelling on this site. Their initial reaction was that this is more likely to be more broadly acceptable to both EKPC and LCC if the plans were lodged as shown with some amendments.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                             £ Net       VAT     Total

(a)  YLCA – Subs.                                                               336.00                  336.00                                 (b) EK Wildlife Trust – Annual Grant                                   400.00                  400.00

(c) HM Customs & Revenue – PAYE (Missing Cheque)    157.80                  157.80

(d) NALC – Local Council Review – Subs.                           16.00                    16.00

(e) Zurich Municipal – Premium                                          872.29                  872.29

(f) EKVH – Rent for Meetings                                               25.50                    25.50

(g) EKVH – Neighbourhood Plan Rent                                 85.90                    85.90


It was resolved to approve all those listed above.

N.B. The Chairman and Clerk had both noted the failure to present cheques for East Keswick Plant Centre (The Chairman offered to speak to the owner and supply a replacement cheque from the PC ),and more seriously to HM Revenue & Customs. The Chairman has e mailed Philip Oddy, who is responsible for sending the cheques to the Revenue, asking for an explanation. It was suggested that Mr Oddy should in future e mail the Clerk when each payment is required,and the Clerk would pay HMCR


2. Approval of End of Year Accounts.  The Clerk had prepared a draft end of year statement to be presented to the Parish Assembly. This had been approved by the Chairman and circulated to Cllrs before the meeting.  A couple of minor errors concerning dates were pointed out. With the exception of these,it was proposed Cllr Anning, seconded Cllr Ogden, and

It was resolved to approve the unaudited accounts .



1. Request from EK Wildlife Trust for support from PC for new Grant Application . Melanie Smith had written to the Council between meetings explaining that the Trust is applying for Higher Level Stewardship for the PC reserves. This would enable the EKWT to apply if they wished in future for funding from a new Govt. grant to Natural England for conservation work. They have learnt that grants of between £80 and £250 may be available for PC owned reserves for the provision of fences, gates and stiles. At some point in the future EKWT would like to fence off part of the Marsh to encourage wild flowers but this would not make any difference to the new path. Due to short notice for applications, she asked the PC to countersign the application. Cllrs were contacted by e mail and,with the proviso that the path would not be affected, they agreed to the request. Cllr Anning (Vice- Chairman) signed on behalf of the Council.

2. Suggestion to purchase Post Box to raise funds for Playground Funding Cllrs were puzzled at this request from Emma Brown of Bardsey as they do not own post boxes and disagreed that the box referred to – opposite the Methodist Church- is not well used . It was agreed to write back explaining that it was not possible.

3. Parish & Town Council Seminar 2013 Councils have been asked to state preferred times for the next seminar , and also suggested topics. East Keswick Cllrs should contact the Clerk about their suggestions. Planning and Broadband were proposed as topics at the meeting,and mid week 10-1 as the preferred time.

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