POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM The new PCSO, Tiffany Greenwood, attended and reported no crimes during the last month. She has received complaints about speeding and intends to use the speed gun again with a view to prosecution of offenders is able to


Richard Smith attended to speak about the NP (M/A 5).


A resident of Laurel Close attended to ask about the possibility that 2 Rights of Way have been blocked. Cllr Gibbs, who has been involved with planning applications adjacent to these sites, said that he thought these had ceased to exist some time ago. The Chairman advised studying the deeds to the 2 properties and taking legal advice..

WELCOME TO NEW CLLR The Chairman welcomed Daniel Warren to the Council

PRESENT Cllrs Priestley, Anning, Pentith,  Batty, Gibbs and Warren.



MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  FEBRUARY 19TH 2013 These were approved with one amendment.


1. East Keswick Playground Project. Emma Wren had e mailed Caird Bardon (Grant Providers) and had ascertained that it was acceptable for the application to come from a parish council. The Fund Raising Group therefore requested permission to use the parish council name. They would also welcome a financial contribution from the council. It is also their intention to approach local businesses for contributions and would welcome the view of the council on approaching the New Laithe Composting Facility, if in business. Council agreed in principle to allow the group to send the Caird  Bardon application in their name subject to a number of matters. Council was not prepared to sanction any  approach to  New Laithe Farm owners  in view of the strong feelings caused by the current planning application and advised strongly against any approach by the Group. Before any application is submitted to the Grant provider, PC wanted to discuss the proposed Scheme, with reasons for its recommendation, quotations and approval of the wording of any grant application in its name. It was prepared to look favourably on a donation towards funding when more was known about the cost and any likely shortfall. It was suggested that the Parish Assembly might be a suitable opportunity for the Group to make a short presentation outlining the current position and seeking approval to their proposals.

2. Work requested from GGS on Ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive and on Maintenance of Path across Marsh .GGS have quoted £20 to clear the leaves from the ginnel and £20 per quarter for maintenance of the path across the Marsh .It was agreed to accept the one off charge of £20 for clearing the leaves, but to ask for work on the Marsh footpath on ad hoc basis when advised by the Wildlife Trust of the need for work.

3. New Position for surplus Pedestal Bin. David Smith suggested that the Duke end of the Marsh might be the most suitable choice. He also asked whether signs prohibiting dog litter could be put in place as the path is now heavily used and soiled by dogs. The Council agreed to both suggestions but asked for suggested wording of any signage .

4. Possibility of Change of Surface on Section of Path adjacent to Tennis Courts. There has been no reply from ROW and the Clerk has written again.

5. Neighbourhood Plan- Visit from Richard Smith on behalf of NP Group. Richard asked  the Council to provide more support to the NP group. They wish to undertake a NP rather than an update of the Parish Plan because there would be more CIL money available if any Housing Development occurred in the village in the future.(25% as opposed to 15% for parishes without a NP). The Council outlined the independent advice that had been given to the PC, and it was felt that the Council had given support at all stages to date in the process. The real issue was leadership of the Group – the PC was keen to have a NP and that remained its stated position.

After he left the meeting Cllrs discussed the issue further. Cllr Batty considered that the NP was progressing satisfactorily and offered to be the Chairman, although unable to attend all the meetings. Cllr Warren has attended the last 2 meetings and will continue to represent the Council on this committee. Cllr Priestley reiterated that he intends to step down in May as PC Chairman and offered to assist the other 2 Cllrs on the NP committee. In particular, he offered to help them in the drafting of a constitution.

6. Track from A659 to River Wharfe. There has been no response from ROW and the Clerk has written again.

7. Re-surfacing of Whitegate Footpath There is no money until the next financial year.

8. Broadband. The Clerk had been informed that details of applications are currently under discussion and should be issued by the end of March.

9. Repair to Highway at corner of Lumby Lane and Main Street. Cannot be considered until next financial year.  In connection with all Highways and footpath issues, the clerk was asked to write and lobby for inclusion in the next financial year programme-in addition,the road at the junction of Moor Lane and Harewood Road was in need of urgent attention and the clerk was asked to include that in any correspondence with Highways Dept.

10. Verges on Cleavesty Lane near new Park Lane Homes Properties – The Clerk to check with Planning Enforcement that these are fully reinstated when building work is complete.



1.New applications:-

(a) 13/ 00606 – Corner Stones, Cleavesty Lane – Carport, Conservatory & Dormers.

It was resolved to make no objection.



(a) 12/05281 – Moat Field, Moor Lane – Exts.

(b) 13/00227 – 25 Church Drive – Ext.

(c) 13/00037 – 8 Laurel Close – Ext.



(a) 11/03919 – Land adj. to Two Hoots Farm – Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling



(a) 13/ 00009 – Old Parsonage, Main Street – New dwelling.


5. New Laithe Farm Scoping Request East Keswick have had sight of the detailed response prepared by Cllr Stentiford on behalf of Bardsey PC. It was agreed to write to LCC supporting all the points made by him, but adding further comment on the possible impact on the village due to suggested increases in traffic on surrounding main roads.


6. Further Plans for the old Riding Stables at Cleavesty . The Chairman reported that the Architect wished to discuss his latest proposals for a new dwelling on the site with PC representatives during the coming week. It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr Gibbs would arrange a meeting.



Gross   VAT     Net                   1.Bills for payment:-

(a) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                                                      639.54             639.54

(b) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance                                            702.98             702.98

(c) J. Gallant – Reimbursement – Computer and Cartridges          88.98               88.98

(d) H.M. Customs & Revenue – PAYE                                          157.80             157.80      It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


1. Plans for Parish Assembly. It was agreed that the Chairman would give his annual report and the Clerk the financial report. Cllr Batty would speak about the NP and Emma Wren would be asked to speak about the new Playground Project. The Parish Council meeting would take place beforehand,commencing at 6.30. Wine would be served at 7.45 and the Parish Assembly commence at 8pm. Cllor Anning to sort nibbles and Cllr Priestley, the wine

2. Suggested dates for joint site visits with EKWT to sites organised by them in the village. David Smith suggested :-

May 28 for visit to Frank Shire’s Quarry Field.

July 24 for visit to Marsh.

Both commencing at 7pm.

These were noted.

3. Annual Report from EK Wildlife Trust. This has been compiled by the Secretary, Debbie Lord, and e mailed to all Cllrs. The Clerk was to request sight of the annual accounts.

4. Condition of Village Seats and Benches It was agreed to ask Mark Hullah if he could clean the seats and benches before summer.

5. Request for Further Financial Support from Cub Scouts – An e mail has been received from Mr. Walburg (17/03) explaining that the Scout Hut at East Rigton needs a good deal of attention. It was agreed that Cllr Pentith would meet the Leader and discuss with him exactly what work is required.

6. Request from Highways for List of Assets adjoining the Highway ( Seats, Noticeboards, Tubs, etc) to be presented to the Authority as a Spreadsheet from all Parishes . It was agreed to ask Sylvia Pinkney if she was willing to compile this with help from Cllr Anning.


1. Dates of Parish Walks – The Chairman asked that this be placed on the next agenda.

2. Village Litter Pick – Saturday May 4th was suggested. The Clerk to check whether skip, litter picks, bags etc. would be available then.

3. Bridge separating Bardsey from East Keswick Cllr Batty pointed out that whilst the EK side had been re-painted , the Bardsey side had not. The Clerk to bring this to the attention of Bardsey PC.

4.Bridge Across the Wharfe: Chairman reported that there were prohibition notices warning pedestrians against crossing the bridge due to its dangerous state. Clerk to seek clarification of status of Bridge and to seek an indication when it could be used

Signed:                                                                   Date.

EKPC March 13 Mins.

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