PCSO Alan Stead attended from the Police and reported 2 attacks on Property on Cleavesty Lane.

Cllr Anning informed him that she was considering using the SID device in the near future at the end of Rose Croft.


Jim Dedicoat attended to bring the Council up to date with the recent Metro meeting. He also raised the question of the condition of the ginnel between Chruch drive and Main Street and was dissatisfied with LCC response.(See below)

Representatives of the Toddler Group organising an East Keswick Playground Project visited the Council to discuss their plans for re-modelling the Carr Green playground, and to ask the views of the PC on related matters. They explained that their aim was to create a more stimulating play environment for children up to the age of 12. Four playground companies have been approached and one, Parkdale, have provided a draft plan and quote. This is for £60,000 for a complete re-design with new equipment ,but re-using existing junior swings. They plan to make an application for funding to Caird Bardon in early June and are looking into other ideas for grants. They wished to know whether the Council would offer a formal letter of support and whether they would make a financial contribution  towards costs. They are considering extending the playground into the grassed area beyond, but are aware that they will need the agreement of householders overlooking this area. Village consultation/ fund raising events are planned for March. The Council welcomed their initiative and approved the project in principle, also offering some advice. They should set up their own bank account and must approach the residents who backed on to Carr Green themselves as a matter of urgency and before the proposed publicity launch. It would also be sensible to ask for 2 plans from the play providers – one including the extra land, and one using the existing area.

PRESENT Cllrs Priestley, Anning, Gibbs, and  Ogden

APOLOGIES Cllrs Pentith and Batty.


Clllr Anning declared an interest in Finance 1(d)

Cllr Priestley declared an interest in Finance 1(c)

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  JANUARY 15TH 2013 These were approved.


1. Vacancy on Parish Council and applications to fill it. An application had been received from Daniel Warren. A further application had been received but later withdrawn. Daniel Warren visited the Council briefly at their request, reaffirming his interest and ability to attend most meetings of the Council. With the approval of those present,the Chairman then formally asked him to join the Council and attend the next meeting in March. He agreed.

2.Departure from village of Mr and Mrs Watson and visit to Draw Supper on February 9th. Arrangements for this event had worked well, with Victor Watson replying and reminiscing over their time in the village in response to the presentation from the PC and tribute from the Chairman.

3. Neighbourhood Plan.- Report on Meeting with Ian Mackay and Collingham PC Reps. on January 23 and Report on SC Meeting on Transport and Broadband on January 30  and on Services on February 12.

Members of the Steering Committees and Parish Councils of Collingham and East Keswick had met Ian Mackay and Andy Birkbeck to discuss boundaries for their NP applications.  Ian Mackay advised them to retain their historic boundaries but to work  with each other over the plans. After this meeting Julian Holmes, Chairman of Collingham Steering Committee, had drawn up Terms of Reference and a Method of Understanding document. With a few minor amendments from East Keswick, Collingham PC had accepted the document. Later, Julian Holmes had e mailed with Collingham’s application for a Neighbourhood Plan , expressing the hope that East Keswick would be ready for both PCs to submit their plans by the end of February.

Cllr Batty had reported to the Clerk that the EK meeting on Transport, which he had chaired, had been successful ,with good attendance, including a representative from both Collingham and Bardsey, and some common agreement found on future provision of buses and footpaths. The following meeting had been very badly attended. Cllr Gibbs has offered his resignation from the SC due to pressure of work.

Council discussed these matters. The Chairman considered that EKPC should accept the revised MoU with a couple of minor alterations. The name of the contact person for East Keswick remains unresolved and they still have no formal structure. The Chairman suggested asking Cllr Batty, and asking the new Cllr to take the place of Cllr Gibbs on the committee. As the SC has still failed to agree on the MoU ,it will be necessary to ask Collingham to submit its application in February , whilst EKPC will have to wait until March.

4. Work required on Ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive.- Report from Cllr Pentith.Cllr Pentith had met Mark Hullah to discuss work on the path but both had felt that it was not in too bad condition although some urgent work is required with fences.  As LCC ROW are really responsible for the condition of the path surface and can write to neighbours telling them to cut back their hedges, the Clerk had asked Ian Oxley to pay a site visit. He had visited and written that in his opinion no work was required on the path surface or to the hedges. The leaf mould on the path can be scraped off The fence at No 29 Church Lane, noted by Cllr Pentith, is leaning badly and has now been tied back with blue twine. The Chairman had walked the path on the night of the meeting and expressed his opinion that its condition was typical of a country path. It was therefore agreed to ask GGS simply to scrape off the leaf mould.

5. New  position for surplus Pedestal Bin .David Smith is to be asked whether he would like the bin placed at the Church Drive end of the Marsh.

6. Completion of Tree Work  by Bardsey Tree Services on Carr Green and Crabtree Lane. Andrew Ward had carried out this work and had included cutting down another sapling in Carr Green. Council are pleased with the work done.

7. Condition of Carr Green following completion of work on Tennis Courts – Reply from Peter Lord. Peter said that the club had already put  some fresh gravel at the sides of the courts to keep weeds down, and in the Spring intend to sow new grass seed. Cllrs queried whether gravel should be placed over the grassed section of the path to make it less slippery. ROW to be consulted.

8. Track from A659 to River Wharfe .ROW are to be reminded about the request sent them last month to re-surface this path.

9. Request to Highways for re-surfacing of Whitegate footpath. There had been no response. A reminder to be sent.

10. Snow Clearance in village. Andrew Ward of Bardsey Tree Services had indicated to the Clerk that his firm might in future undertake snow clearance work on minor roads in the village, but had not come back to her with any concrete proposals.

11. Complaints re White Rose Catering van in Crabtree Lane car park and Receipt of first Payment. The new PCSO said that she had received some complaints but no formal complaints have been made to the PC .It was decided that no action was required from the Council. There has been no complaint to the PC  The first rental payment of £70 has been received and a Direct Debit is to be arranged.

12. Broadband. There had been discussion on this at the last meeting of the Harewood and Wetherby Forum. Leeds is to get some funding towards faster broadband for certain areas of the City and those parishes wanting to be included should write in It was agreed that East Keswick should apply as soon as possible and a letter sent to the co-ordinator urging the necessity for improved service.

13. Conditions in the Marsh and Elliker Fields– Report from David Smith. He said that people are using the new path for dog walking and consequently there is a lot of dog litter at sides of the path. He asked whether dog signs could be erected. There is also other litter, including beer cans. He considers the PC should check conditions regularly.

The Elliker Fields project is going well. A grant of £4,800 has been obtained from Green Leeds. The site meeting had been attended by about 50 people. Council agreed to ask GGS the amount of extra they would require to accept responsibility for maintenance of the path across the Marsh.




1.New applications:-

(a) 13/ 00227 – 25 Church Drive – Ext

It was resolved to make no objection

(b) 13/ 00009 – Old Parsonage, Main Street – Single storey dwelling to plot.

It was resolved to object.

(c) 13/ 00606 – Corner Stones, Cleavesty Lane – Carport, Conservatory, Dormers & Solar Panels.



(a) No. 12/ 05233 – 21 The Paddock, - Exts.

(b) No 12/04947 – Foxhill, Main Street – Exts.

(c) No.12/ 04936-Traveller’s Rest, Harewood Avenue – Conversion to Children’s Nursery.



1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Bardsey Tree Services – Work Crabtree Lane       850.00            170.00         1,020.00

and Carr Green.

(b) CMS – Annual Web Hosting                                   190,00             38.00             228.00

(c) J. Priestley – Reimbursement – V. Watson costs     64.15                                     64.15

(d) G. Anning – Reimbursement – V. Watson costs       25.00                                    25.00


It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


2. Further consideration of Precept request.

It was resolved to accept the extra money from LCC and to ask for the increase in the Precept.




1. Quotation from GGS for Maintenance Work for 2013 – 14. The price quoted was the same as for the previous year.

It was resolved to accept this

2. Reduction in Bus Service. Wetherby are having a petition against general cuts in the services to the area and Jim Dedicoat for East Keswick has attended a recent meeting at Metro and complained about the curtailment of the Sunday service through the village and

made suggestions to Dave Pearson about changes to the weekday services. He was thanked for his efforts by the Council.




1. Green Bins – These had not been emptied at the bottom of the village when the van had broken down. The Clerk had written and the service this week is to be noted.

2. Highway Issues – The Clerk was asked to request that the corner of Lumby Lane and Main Street be patched, and potholes repaired on Cleavesty Lane and at the Harewood Road end of Moor Lane.


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