POLICE AND RESIDENTS FORUM There was no attendance from either Police or residents.



Cllr Anning declared a personal and prejudicial interest in M/A 8.

Cllr Gibbs declared an interest in Planning 1a and 1f and in M/A8.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  NOVEMBER 27TH 2012. These were approved.


1.Departure from village of Mr and Mrs Watson and Invitation to Draw Supper. The Watsons have accepted the Council’s invitation to attend the Draw Supper. The Clerk was asked to check on the cost of a return taxi ride for them and on Victor Watson’s favourite drink. Flowers are to be given to Mrs Watson. Peter Guildford, Chairman of the VHC, is content with the PC arrangements concerning the Watsons.

2. Request from Toddler Group for improved Play Facilities. One of the group has e mailed the Clerk about  grants obtained by Bardsey .

3  Car Parking problems on Whitegate. This was discussed but there was felt to be no more the PC could do at present.

4. Extra Picnic Tables. This was left in abeyance.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. Cllrs Gibbs and Batty reported on the 2 meetings held to date and on future plans. No officials have yet been appointed. Meetings at present are to be held fortnightly with each one covering a separate topic which will be included in the NP. The next, on Jan 30th,will be on Transport ,and will be held in the small upstairs meeting room in the village hall. The Council approved the actions to date but urged the SC to elect officers, to advertise meetings and minutes , and to make clear that all residents are free to attend. The PC agreed to pay for the room used for meetings. Cllr Batty estimated that £500 should cover this.

6. Improved Access to Marsh .This has been done. Thanks should go to Cllr Gibbs.

7. Obtrusive Hedge on Path from Main Street to Church Drive. One of the 3 residents approached had questioned the need for further action as he had cut the hedge in October.

8. Newsletter Grant and Correspondence from Parish Office and from Church Warden. Elizabeth Otty, PCC Secretary, had written asking whether East Keswick intended paying a grant for the newsletter, and reiterating the position of the PCC that they are unwilling to concede to the request from the PC for inclusion of the Wharfe Rein/ Hillcrest residents in the newsletter distribution. The PCC contend that this is meant to cover the Ecclesiastical  Parish only.  Janet Dower, Churchwarden, had also written criticising the Parish Council . The Chairman, after some discussion, asked the Council to vote on offering £150 as at present or £170 or £200. 3 Cllrs voted for £170 and 2 for £150. If the PCC changed its mind in the future the PC would consider increasing the grant to £200.                                                                                                                                               It was resolved  to pay £170.

9. Re-positioning of Pedestal Bin outside Village Shop. It was agreed to ask the Wildlife Trust if they had a use for the bin on any of their locations.

10. Tree Work required on Borders of Carr Green and Crabtree Lane. Quotations had been received from 3 sources:-

· Bardsey Tree Services want £150 + VAT for the work to the rear of Carr Green and £650 +VAT for the work on Crabtree Lane.

· Andrew Lloyd wants £200 for Carr Green area and £900 for Crabtree Lane.

· English Tree Car want £200 + VAT for Carr Green area and £1,110 for Crabtree Lane.

It was resolved to accept the quotation from Bardsey Tree Services.

11. Parish Council Vacancy. Two villagers had expressed interest in serving on the Council. One had provided the requisite letter of application and the other was to be asked to write to the Clerk before the end of the week. Arrangements would then be made to interview both at the next meeting.   The Chairman had arranged to have leaflets printed and distributed in the “Outer Areas” of the village, advertising the vacancy, but no-one had come forward.

12. Blocked Drains and Fallen Leaves. The Refuse Dept. is to be asked to clear gutters outside St Mary’s Church, and on Lumby Lane and South Mount.

13. Debris at Gateon House Farm. This had been examined once more and was found to contain no asbestos. The Clerk was asked to inform Bardsey PC that the path needs more gravel and some signs are misleading.

14. Condition of Cleavesty Lane near Park Lane Development. A resident had complained to the Chairman about the muddy condition of the verges near the entrance to Paddock House. Park Lane Homes should reinstate work in the immediate area but that is likely to be all. They appear to contend that the blame for the state of the rest of the area lies with the removal vans operating from West Mount and the contractors’ vehicles used by the new owners. He asked whether there was any action the PC could take to help. It was agreed to report this to Park Lane Homes and ask that the whole area be reinstated when work is completed. If there was no positive response, enforcement section would be notified after checking the condition attaching to the verges.

15. Report on Meeting with Carter Jonas and offer from Ian Mackay for mediation with Collingham PC over NP  boundary issue . A meeting had taken place on January 8th between the Parish Council, Paul Leeming of Carter Jonas, and Julian Holmes, Chairman of Collingham NP Steering Committee .Mr Leeming had put forward proposals from Carter Jonas for a low rise housing development to be included in the next SHLAA  proposals in a field off the A659 , backing on to the old railway line, within East Keswick, opposite the Langwiths. Collingham Steering Committee do not favour development in this area as a first priority ,as they have put forward 2 alternative sites for inclusion in their NP. The 2 East Keswick reps on the PC considered that the SC was unlikely to object to the site proposed by Mr Leeming in East Keswick. The disagreement over proposed boundaries for both councils’ NPs was again raised. The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Ian Mackay of LCC and he had offered to act as a mediator. Both councils accepted the idea. The Clerk later arranged for representatives of both councils and both steering committees to meet Mr Mackay in East Keswick on Wednesday afternoon, January 23rd.Both PCs have been asked by Mr Mackay to provide him with reasons for their views. The Chairman asked all the Cllrs their opinions and all agreed that they wish to retain the current historic boundary for their NP. The views of the SC are also to be sought in advance of the meeting.



1.New applications:-

(a) 12/05233 – 21 The Paddock – Alts.

It was resolved to make no objection.

(b) 12/ 04936 – Former Traveller’s Rest – Change of use, demolition and Exts to house Children’s Nursery.                                                                                                                           It was resolved  to write supporting the nursery proposal In principle but suggesting that further thought be given to traffic and parking problems.

(c) 12/ 04947 – Foxhill, Main Street – Exts.

It was resolved to make no objection.

(d) 12/ 05184 – 10 St Mary’s Garth – New first floor to form House from Bungalow.

It was resolved to object on the grounds of setting a precedent and not conforming to the street scene.

(e) 12/ 05281 – Moatfield – Exts

It was resolved to make no objection.

(f) 13/00037 – 8 Laurel Close – Exts.

It was resolved to make no objection.



1.Bills for payment:- £ Net          VAT       Total

(a) GGS Groundcare – Maintenance & Playground Work   862.98                    862.98


(b) Clerk’s Salary & Expenses.                                            640.04                    640.04

(c) H.M. Revenue – PAYE                                                   157.80                    157.80

(d) Bardsey PCC – Newsletter Grant                                   170.00                    170,00

(e) EKVH – Rent – 16/10 & 27/11    (Retro)                           60.00                      60.00

(f) EK Methodist Church – Rent for 2 meetings.                    17.00                      17.00

(g) EKVH – Rent - 15 /1/13 and 19/2.13 (in advance)           60.00                      60.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above . In relation to (a) it was agreed to query the cost of the bark.

GGS subsequently explained that the bark had been more expensive than normal as it had been purchased from a supplier of special bark suitable for playgrounds and bought in bags, instead of the previous bulk purchase of lower quality bark from Bardsey Tree Services.


2. Revised Budget. This had been circulated and was approved.

3. New Council Tax Provisions.  The Clerk explained that the Govt no longer intends reimbursing principal authorities in full for the amount of grant they lose from council tax beneficiaries.  LCC considers the fairest way to deal with this is to distribute the grant pro  rata to those councils which have most council tax beneficiaries .( East Keswick has only a few), meaning  that remaining tax payers will have to  pay slightly more to make up the shortfall. This will be in addition to the extra amount relating to the precept.



1. Bus Consultation – Jan 21st – Jim Dedicoat to attend. The X99 through Linton will in future be the only service operating through the village. A greater loss, however, is that  of  the late night bus , which Metro proposes to drop ,due to low usage numbers. This is the 23.35 from Wetherby, to operate on Saturdays only. On other nights the last bus from Wetherby would be the 22.35,with the last bus on Sundays being the 21.35.

2. Logs on Keswick Marsh. There has been some discussion as to whether these should have gone to the Wildlife Trust, for use in charcoal burning, or to individual villagers. The Chairman said that he had agreed to the former when approached after the last PC meeting. He regretted that some Cllrs disagreed with his decision.

3. Priorities for Outer NE Leeds Area Ideas have been set out for comment.

4. Condition of the ginnel from Main Street to Church Drive – E mail from Jim Dedicoat.  This is in a muddy condition, following work by BT, and needs more stones on the path. Some bushes are still causing problems, restricting the width of the path.



1. Condition of Carr Green Parts of this have become very muddy from the vehicles used by the Tennis Club contractors. It was agreed to write to the Tennis Club asking what plans they have for reinstatement.

2. Track from A659 to River Wharfe – It was agreed to ask Roger Brooks of ROW whether more gravel could be put down on the path where this has worn away.

3. Footpath on Whitegate – It was agreed to ask Highways whether this could be re-surfaced.

4. New Chairman in May – Cllr Priestley reminded fellow Cllrs that he intends to step down as Chairman in May and they will need to agree a replacement.

5. Change of date for June meeting. The Clerk asked that this be changed . It was agreed to change the meeting date to June 11th.





EKPC Jan 13 Mins.


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