PCSO Rebecca Jackson attended and reported 1 crime during the last month- a theft non specific. Council discussed with her the use of cones to deter inconsiderate parking on Whitegate. Letters asking for the co-operation of residents had also been sent. There are however, still problems and public transport is adversely affected .An owner of a Whitegate property attended as one of the residents concerned. He apologised for inconvenience caused by extra cars parked due to building work being done at his property, likely to continue until end of January 2013, but said he would do what he could to ask his contractors to minimise inconvenience. It was suggested he should try to discuss maters with his neighbours and try and reach an acceptable working compromise. The Chairman indicated he had received complaints from residents along Whitegates .


Three leaders of the Toddler Group attended to discuss the possibility of improving play facilities for children in the village. They consider that the present playground could benefit from a complete overhaul and should cater for school age children as well as toddlers. They wondered whether it could be enlarged to take in the existing green area at the side. They are prepared to undertake fund raising and apply for grant funding. The Chairman advised them to put together a play scheme and to approach suitable play providers. There is also a suggestion that the Wildlife Trust might be persuaded to allow a new play area on the new field next to Ellerker Fields which they hope to purchase. This should be considered in February 2013 when the Wildlife Trust intend to hold a consultation meeting


One of the Toddler Group Leaders, who lives on Allerton Drive, asked Council whether anything could be done about the speed of traffic at the blind bend adjacent to their road. She was advised that traffic calming was not possible there due to the absence of street lighting in the village, but that the location could be used for speed monitoring with the SID Police speed gun. There were already speed warning signs.


The owner of the Village Kitchen venture attended to report on business since starting up, produc ing his Insurance Policy for inspection. He is very happy with business to date and has received much favourable comment from walkers and people wanting his breakfasts. .He agreed to sign an agreement noting an official start to operations on December 1st . He had received a visit from the Environment Dept who had advised about rubbish collection. He is providing a wheelie bin but also mentioned the existing bin which appears not to have been emptied for months. (Cllr Pentith offered to advise Parks Dept). There is also evidence of late night drinking in the car park as there are often beer bottles to be found in the morning. Council offered to advertise the new amenity on the website, through the newsletter and on flyers. It is open 6 days a week.

PRESENT Cllrs Priestley, Anning, Pentith, Batty , and Gibbs.

APOLOGIES Cllr Ogden, and Cllr Fowler, who has also tendered his resignation from the Council. Work commitments have making it impossible for him to attend the majority of the meetings over a period of time.


Cllr Pentith declared an interest in MA 4.

Cllr Anning declared an interest in Finance 1d.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  OCTOBER 23RD 2012. These were approved.


1.Departure from village of Mr and Mrs Watson. The Chairman has sent a letter to the Watsons regretting that it has not been possible to find a suitable date for a “do” for them. He queried whether they would like to attend the Village Hall Draw Supper in February as guests of the Council, or whether they would welcome a visit from himself and another Cllr on some other occasion. Victor Watson had subsequently phoned the Clerk and said they would be delighted to attend the Draw Supper.

2. Speed Restrictions on Wike Lane The Clerk had heard that the scheme for the 40mph speed restriction is to go ahead and the objections have been overruled. Cllr Batty reported on an accident involving a car stuck in a hedge which he had encountered on the road caused by hitting one of the many potholes at the edges of the road. The accident occurred between Slaid Hill and the Wike boundary. It was agreed that the road badly needs repairing but that this is not the right time of year to do it.

3  Parking Problem on Whitegate. A suggestion was made that white lines should be considered. Cllrs agreed that this might alleviate the situation and would consider further. .

4. Extra Picnic Tables. The Clerk had obtained grant forms from Green Leeds making clear that any scheme must have strong backing from the village for any chance of success. There was much discussion on the need and most useful location for extra tables. Cllr Pentith said that she was strongly against one in Carr Green, but as a resident who would be affected, she declared an interest and took no further part in the discussion. Two further Cllrs opposed the idea of applying for a grant for 2 tables at this particular time. It was, however, agreed to leave it as an agenda item.

5. Neighbourhood Plan. The first meeting of the new Steering Committee has been called for the following evening.

6. Possible Improvement to Access to the Marsh .Four members of the Council had been down to the Marsh to study ways of making an improvement to the access. It had been pointed out that the gates were the responsibility of the Council. It was agreed that a gate opening inwards would be desirable and someone to undertake the work is now being sought. The Clerk would approach the Secretary of the Wildlife Trust

7. Village Kitchen Rental Agreement. The Draft Agreement has been agreed and trading from the van has commenced. The final agreement has now been prepared by the Chairman and the Clerk is to get 2 copies signed by the van owner. The Chaiman was authorised by the Meeting to sign on behalf of the PC

8. Further Trimming of Trees on Crabtree Lane This has been done but a query was raised as to whether they require re-shaping. Cllr Pentith will consult a specialist used by the Methodist Church.

9. Overgrown Footpaths. Cllr Gibbs has inspected the paths. Other than the need for work in trimming the hedge and cutting back weeds on the section of Moor Lane between the gate and Ivy Grange Barn on Dalby land , the paths are acceptable. There are, however, pieces of obtrusive hedge on the path between Main Street and Church Drive. The Clerk to contact landowners responsible.

10. Service Agreement with time Assured  for Village Clock. The Clerk had written expressing the Council’s concern that the most likely cause of clock failure – a power cut- did not appear to be covered in the Service Agreement. She had received reassurance that, although not stated, a power cut was also covered. except in the case of a cut extending over a period of days.

It was resolved to sign the Service Agreement- £115 pa for 3 years.

11. Boundary Issue with Collingham. A further e mail had been received from Julian Holmes requesting a meeting to discuss a suitable boundary for the NP. He had personally suggested to his steering committee that the existing political boundary should be used for the NP designated area boundary but had been overruled by the rest of the committee. They were concerned at the prospect of Carter Jonas, on behalf of the Lady Elizabeth Hastings Trust, including a site in the 2013 SHLAA allocation. This would be in East Keswick but would have the effect of extending Collingham west. He suggested that the natural boundary might be at Wellington Place .It was agreed that this should be discussed at the NP meeting the following evening.

12. Richard Dawson Charity. The Clerk had received a further letter from the charity asking whether Mrs Dower was to continue as a representative. She has replied that Cllr Anning will represent the PC on the committee.

13. Report on Remembrance Day Service. This had been very well attended. The Chairman had thanked the Lord Lieutenant’s representative for attending and the Clerk had thanked the Rev. Chris Puckrin for taking the service. The arrangements about wreath, speakers etc need to be confirmed in September

14. Work on Playground resulting from Wicksteed Inspection. Cllr Ogden is to be reminded about greasing equipment.

15. Letter of thanks from Wildlife Trust for Ellerker Fields Grant and Further News of Developments. The Wildlife Trust has been successful in raising the £25, 000 required to

purchase the freehold of Ellerker Fields  which they will manage for wildlife and the local community. A site meeting will be held on Saturday 2nd of February when the field will be walked and views of the public on its future management will be considered. Following on from this initial purchase, an adjacent landowner has offered the Trust his adjoining woodland and wetland pasture. With an initial donation of £5,000 they have put down a 10% deposit to sign an option for the purchase of this land. If successful this will extend the Ellerker Fields Nature Reserve by a further 2.5 acres. They now have 12 months to raise another £25,000 to make up the shortfall. A Grant application will be made.

16. Re-positioning of Pedestal Bin from outside Village Shop. There was no definite decision on this.



1.New applications:-None.






4. Enforcement Action –                                                                                                      (a) Southlands – The Chairman has received a complaint from a neighbour that there is no sign of compliance with the enforcement order to reinstate the hedge before the end of November. The Clerk had then written to the owners reminding them of the Planning condition, and to Enforcement who had indicated that they would re-visit to check on progress.

(b) Blue Gap Cottage.- This is no longer subject to an Enforcement Order as all major requests have been implemented.


5. New Laithe Farm – The Chairman reported that our MP, Alex Shelbrooke, has contacted the Minister about the environmental problems caused by the composting. The Minister has in turn called for an Environment Impact Scheme which is thought to be hugely expensive.





1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Panel Grant   100.0                                100.00

(b) Bardsey Scouts – Grant                                             100 00                              100.00.

(c) EK Methodist Church Hall – NP Meeting                        8.50                                  8.50

(d EK Voluntary Action – Travel Expenses                        15.00                                15.00

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above.


There was much discussion on how much to donate for a Newsletter grant – whether to contribute £150 as previously or to increase it to £200. An increase had been suggested by the PCC earlier in the year. Cllr Anning was in favour of paying the increase but had to declare an interest and withdraw from further discussion as a member of the PCC. The Clerk was asked to write to the PCC saying that the PC would increase the grant to £200 if the PCC would grant them a further 50 copies for distribution within the Village boundary though not apparently within the Ecclesiatical boundary..

2. Budget for 2013-4 and Precept for 2013. The Clerk had prepared an initial draft. This is to be modified and finalised in January.

It was resolved to precept for £17000. – an increase of £500.

3. Increase in Audit cost for 2012. Mazars had explained that any large increase in either income or expenditure by a Council in a given year would result in taking it into the next costing band. This had been the case in East Keswick in the previous year due to income and expenditure relating to the construction of the path across the Marsh, and work to improve Crabtree Lane car park. No such amount was evident in the Accounts to 31/03/12

4. Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests Form.  These have all been completed.



1. Scrutiny Board Meeting – December 12th. This board wishes to strengthen relations with local Councils and to seek their views on future working with Area Committees. PC Chairmen or their nominees are invited to attend a meeting at the Civic Hall at 9.45 am to discuss this. If unable to attend they are asked to send comments in writing. No Cllr wished to attend. It was agreed to comment that the Council considered the Harewood & Wetherby Forum useful.

2. Rent Agreement with Mr Cooke. Mr Cooke had paid his rent for 2012 although the Council had failed to sign the Annual Agreement before it was due at the end of October.  It was resolved that this should be signed at the meeting by the Chairman and Clerk.

3. Questions raised by villager:-                                                                                                 a) Possibility of Footpath from Moor Lane to Lumby Lane along A58 A  resident who had recently walked this route had rung the Clerk reporting how dangerous it was to do so, and asking whether it would be possible to obtain a proper footpath, so that a round walk could be made safely possible.  Council agreed that this was not possible.

b) Dog Litter on Marsh The same resident had complained that the opening up of the Marsh, resulting from the creation of the new footpath, was leading to dog owners using it regularly and failing to pick up.

c) Dog Litter on Ellerker Fields. The publicity attached recently to what was until recently  an unknown route for dog walkers , was starting to result in dog fouling there too, the lady claimed. Attempts to prevent littering in both locations would be made.

4.Suggestions/ Queries from Toddler Group – Re-vamp of Playground/ Info Table / Father Xmas. The Leaders of the Toddler Group had written to the Council suggesting that the playground could benefit from a face lift. (See above)

The Group would be willing to have an information table for disseminating news from the Council, especially related to the Neighbourhood Plan. In this way the Council would be able to make contact with young mothers. Council considered this a good idea.

Thirdly, they asked whether anyone from the PC would be willing to act as Father Xmas for the Group at their Christmas Party on Thursday 13th December.  The Chairman will carry out this request if free from other commitments.

5.Letter from Owners of Christmas Cottage re Trees growing on their boundary. The trees

are  taking light from their property and causing an increasing problem in this respect. Council considered this a Neighbour Dispute and the Clerk was asked to inform them of this.

6. Snow Champions. A request had been received from Highways asking whether volunteers would assist them in clearing snow from footways and pedestrian areas in priority locations at times of heavy snowfall. They will provide all necessary equipment but would require one person to act as co-ordinator for the volunteers. This to be advertised on the website.

7.  Parish Council Vacancy. Cllr Fowler has written that sadly he feels it necessary to resign as a Cllr as work commitments are preventing his attendance at meetings and his ability to carry out the functions of a Cllr. The Clerk has advertised the vacancy. Anyone interested is to be asked to contact her by January 14th.The Chairman thanked Cllor Fowler for his contribution and his ideas and approach to issues will be missed. The Clerk has notified the Electoral office and advised it was possible to co-opt another Cllor. The Council was entitled to 7 Cllors only. It was agreed to advertise the vacancy via the Newsletter and Website with a closing date of 13th January 2012. Any possible candidates would be encouraged to apply to the Clerk.

8. E mail from Jim Dedicoat re HGV speed limits and Highway problems in EK Commenting on an e mail sent to the Council from Highways re new speed limits to be introduced for heavy goods vehicles, he said that this should not really affect East Keswick. The village, however, does have a major traffic problem in that it is being ruined by people purchasing small cottages without drives or garages and then parking 3 or 4 vehicles on the Highway.

9. E mail from Ian Sampson re Wind Turbines. Mr Sampson expressed concern at a planning application for 2 gigantic wind turbines, one of them at Paddock House Farm and the other at Kearby. Although these are the responsibility of Harrogate Council, it was agreed to object on the grounds that they will be visibly obtrusive from East Keswick.



1. Blocked Drains and Fallen Leaves. The Clerk is to request that both be dealt with. A drain near The Close is in urgent need of attention and the leaf problem is most acute on Whitegate and near the Church on Moor Lane. Advance warning of leaf sweeping might make it possible to alert householders on Whitegate to the desirability of temporarily moving their cars.

2. Debris at Gateon House Farm – The Clerk to alert the Environment Officer again as now that most of the debris has gone, there now appears to be corrugated asbestos exposed.

3. Condition of Cleavesty Lane – The Clerk to ask Park Lane Homes to have the road swept weekly as it is getting into a very muddy state. There was damage to the grass verges and the drainage in the ditches was blocked. The contractors should be reminded of their obligations under the planning approval for the site and asked to co-operate and comply.



EKPC Nov. 12 Mins.


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