PC Becky Hurrell presented the crime figures for the last month. There had been one incident of damage to a motor vehicle in which the perpetrator had received a warning, and one shed burglary in which nothing had been stolen.


A Whitegate resident attended to ask the PC what measures could be taken to alleviate the increasing problem of inconsiderate and potentially dangerous parking on Whitegate. The situation has worsened recently due to non residents parking there overnight and cars speeding up and down the road to avoid the line of parked cars. PC Hurrell said that Becky Jackson , our PCSO, has written to Whitegate residents asking them to park more considerately ,but that this had made little difference. Stronger measures could be adopted – issuing tickets, impounding cars, or painting yellow lines on the surface. The Chairman agreed that the PC would monitor the situation and advised the resident to continue to liaise with the Police. An attempt would be made to check the speed of traffic using the SID device and use of cones by the Police can be  considered.


The resident also mentioned a large beech tree on Whitegate which caused problems with dropping leaves and acorns on the road. Council thought it had a TPO on it.


David Wort attended to inquire whether any steps could be taken to improve access to the new path across the Marsh for mothers with pushchairs and disabled people. Cllr Batty explained that the present access prevented usage by cyclists, but Council conceded that

this was a problem and would need to be redressed.

PRESENT  Cllrs Priestley, Anning,  Gibbs, and Batty.

APOLOGIES Cllrs Fowler, Pentith and Ogden.

DECLARATION OF PECUNIARY AND OTHER INTERESTS. Cllr Batty declared an interest in Finance 1b.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON  SEPTEMBER 18TH 2012. These were approved with one amendment.


1.Departure from village of Mr and Mrs Watson. It had unfortunately been found impossible to find a date mutually convenient to Cllrs and Mr and Mrs Watson. The Clerk was asked to contact the Watsons and explain the situation, suggesting that they might like to attend the Draw Supper at the end of January as our guest.

2. Speed Restrictions on Wike Lane. The Clerk had spoken to Nick Borras who had reported that the Highway Board was in favour of proceeding with the scheme but some further investigation was required. No final decision has yet been taken.

4. Extra Picnic Tables. Nearby residents of Carr Green were not in favour of an extra picnic table in the area behind their properties. They feared that it would become an undesirable meeting place for teenagers. The Clerk was, however, asked to send for a grant application form from Green Leeds for one further picnic table in Crabtree Lane car park (replacing the older one) and one elsewhere in the village, possibly in the playground itself.

5. Neighbourhood Plan and Actions following Public Meeting. Cllr Batty reported that the public meeting had been very successful and had resulted in several people putting their names forward for the Steering Committee. The Chairman said that he considered that there should be 2 PC representatives on the committee. He did not think he should be one of them and proposed that they should be Cllrs Batty and Gibbs. Both Cllrs agreed to sit on the Committee.

6. Agreement on “Village Kitchen” The Chairman had prepared an agreement which the PC approved with minor amendments. Cllr Gibbs had heard that the owner had obtained a licence .

7. Trimming of Trees on Crabtree Lane. Further trimming work is required at head height as the plaques are currently obscured. The Clerk to contact Mark Hullah.

8. Overgrown Footpaths. Cllr Gibbs is to check. A weekend working party to deal with the problem of brambles was suggested.

9. Service Agreement with Time Assured for Village Clock. The Clerk was asked to check details as it appeared that the agreement did not cover the likeliest causes of clock failure.

10. Litter Bins and their location. These are now in place in the village. Thanks should be recorded to Cllr Pentith for successful pursuit of the matter.

11. Boundary issue with Collingham .Julian Holmes of Collingham wished to set up a meeting with EK representatives to discuss the boundary between the 2 parishes. The Chairman agreed to contact him.




1.New applications:-None to date



(a) No. 12/02882 – 18 Allerton Drive – Exts.



(a) No. 12/ 03173 – Foxhills, Main Street – New roof, ext. & raised patio area.




1.Bills for payment:-                                                     £ Net               VAT             Total

(a) J. Gallant – Salary & Expenses.                              646.74                                646.74

(b) CMS – Production of Annual Report                        570.00           114.00          684.00

(c)Wicksteed Leisure – Playground Inspection               60.00             12.00            72.00

(d) East Keswick Village Hall – Rent                               90.00                                  90.00

(e) Time Assured – Repair of Village Clock                  268.00                                 268.00

(f) Mazars – Audit of Accounts                                      285.00             57.00           342.00

(g) Ruralis – Talk on Neighbourhood Plan (Retro)        250.00                                 250.00

(h) EK. Wildlife Trust – Special Grant (Retro)                500.00                                500.00

(i) PAYE                                                                         157.80                                157.80

(j) J. Gallant – Reimbursement – Photocopying              10.40                                  10.40

It was resolved to pay all the bills listed above subject to item 3 below.


2. Letter from Village Hall Committee re Annual Charges. The Village Hall Committee wrote that they saw no necessity to make any increase in charges this year for regular users of the Hall as they are currently receiving a good income from wedding bookings.

3. Audit of Accounts by Mazars. The accounts are satisfactory. The Clerk was asked to check whether the bill was substantially more than last year’s, and if so, what was the reason.



1. Letter from Hartlaw re Charity of Richard Dawson and E mail from Jan Dower. The charity notified the Council of the forthcoming end of the term of office of Mrs Dower, who was, however, eligible for re-election. Mrs Dower informed the Council that she no longer wished to act as representative for the charity and considered that there should be a Cllr on the committee. Cllr Anning volunteered to be the representative and would join John Pentith(and Jean Barber.) This was agreed The Chairman is to make further inquiries about the Trust and the need for more than 2 representatives.

2. Arrangements for Remembrance Day Service. – Sunday 11th November. Beryl Coster, Secretary of the Collingham British Legion, has e mailed a copy of the service sheet and list of East Keswick men to be remembered. She has also asked the Vicar to take the service, booked the usual trumpeter and standard bearer, and arranged for a bill for the wreath to be sent to the Council.  The Chairman was unable to put a notice of the service in the Newsletter. The Clerk has had 40 service sheets photocopied. The service will be advertised on the website and Brian Dower will be asked to design a suitable poster to display around the village.

3. Play Area Inspection. This has been carried out by Wicksteed Leisure .All items of equipment are in a satisfactory condition but some details need attending to. Mark Hullah   is to be asked to attend to these and Cllr Ogden to be asked to grease the Crazy Twister .                                                                                                                                4. E mail from Andrea Holgate re P & T Annual Forum Meeting on 31st January at 6.30 pm at Civic Hall. Noted.



1. Finance Committee and Budget The Chairman reminded members of the Finance Sub-Committee of the need to make a half yearly check on the accounts, and the Clerk to prepare the Budget in time for the next meeting.

2. Brown Bins It was noted that 4 of these bins on Main Street had been missed from the last collection.

3. Gate to Marsh Cllr Gibbs is to speak to David Smith about this.





EKPC Oct. 12 Mins.



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