Allerton Drive junction improvements imminent

One of the most difficult junctions in the village is the meeting point of Allerton Drive and Whitegate close to a blind bend. Residents of the road have lobbied the parish Council which in turn has lobbied Leeds Highways resulting in a site meeting several months ago. Councillor Becky Holdsworth met with Highways road safety… View Article

Every EK student and parent should read this

In 1739, Lady Elizabeth Hastings died. That we should be talking about her nearly three centuries later is testimony to a remarkable lady and her astonishing legacy. Born in London in 1682, from a family which came to England with the Norman Conquest (hence the surname), Lady Elizabeth was a life long benefactor to educational… View Article

New website – we’ve changed!

Your village website has a smart new look which we hope you will find attractive. This new site includes extra security features to make it much more resilient. We’ve also added a calendar of events to the homepage. You can click on any item for further information. The new site, like the old, has been… View Article

Toddler Group needs new members

Each Thursday from 10am at the Village Hall, the East Keswick Toddler Group provides a superb environment for young children to play and mums to network. This long running group needs new mums to help run the group so if you can help please contact

Revised timetable on X99

The X99 bus service to Leeds and Wetherby has a revised timetable from September 2nd to improve reliability. Some journeys on the X98 from Bardsey Bank Top and X99 through East Keswick will be routed via Sheepscar instead of Roseville Road during weekday rush-hours. The latest timetable can be found in the complete village guide… View Article